Here’s What Happens When You Buy TikTok Followers

Thinking about buying TikTok followers? I get it. In this instant-gratification world, of course it’s tempting to buy the metrics you want.

If we as a society have developed the technology to order a pizza with an emoji on Twitter, why shouldn’t I be able to become TikTok famous with the click of a button?

TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times, and has 100 million active users in the U.S. This is the place to see and be seen, but it’s increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd or cement yourself as a TikTok power user.

So it’s really no surprise that dozens of businesses have popped up to sell TikTok follows and likes — a shortcut to TikTok success would leave so many more hours in the day to watch wholesome families dancing to “Blinding Lights.”

The question is: does it actually work? Does buying TikTok followers really help your brand — or does it have the potential to do the opposite, and harm your social media reputation?

Based on dozens of episodes of Behind the Music, our previous experiment about buying Instagram followers and most of human history, we had a sneaking suspicion that money, even on TikTok, can’t buy happiness.

But, of course, there was only one way to find out for sure. So I whipped out the ol’ credit card and went shopping for some fresh TikTok followers. Let the grand experiment begin!

How to buy TikTok followers
It’s really not hard to buy TikTok followers. I didn’t have to go hang around by the docks at night, waiting to exchange a suitcase full of money to some guy on a yacht. (But if I had needed to do that, please let the record show that my alias would have been ‘Esmerelda Diamanté.’)

Instead, I just found a website that felt the least likely to steal my credit card information, picked the package that suited my needs and clicked “buy.

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Even though I knew it was fake, it still felt weirdly exciting watching my follower account skyrocket. Maybe Tatianna3838 would fall in love with my content and we’d become real friends! Anything was possible!

Where to buy TikTok followers
You can buy TikTok followers from a variety of websites. Some look like slick professional marketing resources; others are decidedly sketchy. But all offer a range of packages, usually that get cheaper by volume — the more followers you buy, the more affordable they are.

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A few common options include TikFuel, TokMatik, StormLikes, Social-Viral and Social Wick, but there are dozens and dozens of websites out there all offering pretty much the same thing: an exchange of your cold hard cash for a fleeting feeling of popularity.

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For this experiment, I decided to “invest” in followers from two different sites, just in case one was a scam. I treated myself to 2,500 followers from Tokmatik for $39.99 USD, and 1,000 more followers from TikFuel for the bargain-bin price.

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There also are a couple of subscription plans out there if you want continued growth. With Managergram, for instance, you can spend $49 a month for 1,000 “real” followers. This package also promises you 200 views per video and 50-plus likes for each post.

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