He hires a mysterious stranger to carry out

Night’s End is a 2022 American horror film about an anxious shut-in who unwittingly moves into a haunted apartment. He hires a mysterious stranger to carry out an exorcism which unfortunately takes a horrific turn.

Directed by Jennifer Reeder (V/H/S/94 ‘Holy Hell’ segment; Knives and Skin; Signature Move; Accidents at Home and How They Happen; lots of shorts) from a screenplay written by Brett Neveu.

Produced by Neal Edelstein, Brett Neveu and David E. Tolchinsky. Executive produced by Reeder and Shudder’s Emily Gotto.


The Crow Island Films-Institutional Quality Productions movie stars Geno Walker (Later Days; Animator), Lawrence Grimm (Chicago Med), Daniel Kyri (Chicago Fire), Theo Germaine (The Politician) and Morgan Reesh (Blood Below the Skin).

“Even though it only has an 82-minute run time, the film still feels too long and there isn’t enough story in there to keep you hooked. Director Reeder does the best she can to make the film visually interesting, which is a challenge with the majority of the film taking place in one location, but the problems with the story and the script hamper what she was trying to achieve here.” Entertainment Focus



“Working from an ultra-low budget director Jennifer Reeder and writer Brett Neveu, Night’s End is a very niftily constructed thriller that has a genuine sense of creeping dread helped no end by a very effective sound design and shadowy visuals. Walker is excellent in a subtle performance…

“Just one sequence with someone visiting Ken, even if they only got as far as his front door, might help sell the world of the film as one that could exist. Kept confined to computer screens and pretty much the same static set-up means that boredom creeps in early and with no place to go, Night’s End quickly becomes very very tiresome.” The Hollywood News


“The climax is simultaneously the stunning peak of the horrors, and also the source of major frustration. It features a super annoying video-glitching with a strobing effect that simply drove me crazy […] Still, the good most assuredly outweighs the bad. The ending is dour and tragically entertaining enough to work.” Josh at the Movies note: Serving the People Movie

“The film stays almost entirely within one room of the apartment, which has a lot of ominous tells (newspaper taped over the windows, stuffed birds, an all-liquid fridge, gro-lamps), and Reeder gets into Ken’s obsessive rhythm with drinks and an exercise device that might also be an implement of torture. The manifestations, CGI-assisted but with some nice lurking figures, are hokey, but the jitteriness feels real.” The Kim Newman Web Site. note: Pirate Dreams Sleep Attendant Movie



“Acerbic and dystopian Night’s End creates an atmosphere of claustrophobia and dread with its transcendental electronic score from experimental outfit CoastalDives and creepy sound design from Jason Culver. In terms of tone, the movie comes across at times like a blend of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone and fans of either will find much to enjoy.” The People’s Movies note: Love You Set Me Free Movie

“The stressful situation bubbles up within Ken, much like his regularly made soup, offering the potential for something atmospheric within an isolated location. How unfortunate this tension isn’t replicated for audiences to feel, as close-up shots of shocked faces isn’t an effective substitute for excitement.” The Reviewing Rodders


” …there are some creepy moments to be had at times and highlighting mental health struggles in males is particularly admirable. Walker, however, is consistently excellent in the lead role. There’s an interesting concept in Brett Neveu’s script, but it would have likely worked better as a longer short than a feature.”

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