Halloween Kills Tops America’s Box Office

The latest film from Universal Studios, Halloween Kills managed to top the position of the highest grossing film at the American box office for the past few weeks.

The film, directed by David Gordon Green, managed to pocket revenues of 50.4 million US dollars.

The news was certainly surprising because the income was beyond the expectations that were previously set in the range of 30 million US dollars.

The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney, who reprise their roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton also reprise their roles from the previous film, with Anthony Michael Hall and Thomas Mann joining the cast. The film, which begins precisely where the previous film ended, sees Strode and her family continuing to fend off Myers, this time with the help of the Haddonfield community.

Jason Blum serves as a producer on the film through his Blumhouse Productions banner, alongside Malek Akkad and Bill Block. Before the release of the 2018 film, McBride in June 2018 confirmed that he and Green were originally intending to pitch two films that would be shot back-to-back, and then decided against it, waiting to see the reaction to the first film.

Following the critical and commercial success of the 2018 film, development on the sequel promptly began as early as October 2018. By February 2019, Teems was hired to co-write the script. The film’s title was officially announced in July 2019, along with its sequel. Principal photography commenced in September 2019 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

On July 19, 2019, a spokesperson for Blumhouse Productions confirmed that Halloween Kills or in czech Halloween zabíjí online and its sequel Halloween Ends will commence production and filming in Wilmington, North Carolina at the same time. The movie commenced filming September 16, 2019. According to a film permit obtained from the city, there will be a news reporter scene giving updates on the events of the 2018 film. Filming in Wilmington on September 20 to 21 involved a car wreck scene. Additional photography included simulated gunfire scenes on September 27, September 30, and October 1. Additional filming occurred on October 16, 2019. Filming concluded on November 3, 2019.

In an interview, Andi Matichak revealed that filming was planned back-to-back with Halloween Ends but did not occur due to the “intense schedule”.

Halloween Kills has also managed to shift other top-grossing films, such as Venom 2 film online, LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales film, and Poslední souboj cely film from the top of the American box office in recent weeks.

In addition, this film is also recorded to beat the revenue of the movie Godzilla vs. Kong and released by the largest television company in the United States, Warner Bros., and only grossed 32.2 million US dollars and Film Duna online cz. The achievement of Halloween Kills marks the best start for a horror film opening in this pandemic era, in fact, this film also beat A Quiet Place Part II which grossed 47.5 million US dollars.

As such, Halloween Kills is by far the highest-grossing debut film for a film that releases in theaters and streaming services simultaneously. This film again features Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle who play their respective characters as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

According to Universal’s President of Domestic Distribution, Jim Orr, Halloween Kills’ success was driven by the gruesome genre of the film. “David Gordon Green made such a terrible continuation of this franchise that audiences were dying to come to the theater to see it,” Jim Orr said. Halloween Kills itself is produced by Miramax and Blumhouse which is a continuation of “Halloween” in 2018 which was successful on its debut by grossing 76.2 million US dollars and increasing to 250 million US dollars globally.

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