Greatest Movies of All-Time, According to IMDb in Platform Streaming

IMDb’s ranking system isn’t as simple as listing all films in descending order by rating. A film needs to have a minimum of 25,000 user ratings to even qualify for the list, and those ratings must come from “regular IMDb voters,” though the site doesn’t specify how that group is chosen. Then, IMDb determines the film’s position using a weighted formula that accounts for the total number of ratings and rating average. In other words, just because 1998’s Saving Private Ryan (in the 27th spot) and 1968’s Once Upon a Time in the West (number 49) both have an 8.5 rating doesn’t mean they’re tied.

If you want drama or comedy, then your options are nearly endless. But fans of fantasy have historically had a harder time finding something to satisfy their desires. There have always been films with fantasy elements, but they haven’t always been as good as the best films in other genres. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the last 20 years. While it used to be difficult to find great fantasy flicks, Netflix has made it easier than ever by delivering a strong lineup to your devices at a moment’s notice. It’s almost like a magic trick, and now we’ll share a trick of our own. You get to crib from our list of the best fantasy movies on Netflix, and all you have to do is close your eyes and scroll down, then open your eyes again. Abracadabra!

Every month, Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away. While the service’s original programming isn’t going anywhere, the many other movies and shows in its library arrive and depart regularly, and sometimes without much notice. We’ll update this article with Netflix announcements about what’s leaving, and help you prioritize what to watch now before it’s too late.

We’ve also rounded up the best fantasy movies on Streaming and the best movies on Italia you’re looking for :
Eternals in streaming ita
After 3 streaming
007 No Time to Die Film Completo
Dune 2021 in Italiano
Antlers Film Horor

If ever there was a streaming service that was delightfully difficult to pull highlights from, it’s The Criterion Channel. The streaming side of the Criterion Collection that rose after the death of Film, The Criterion Channel is the undisputed arthouse king. HBO Max and Amazon have massive libraries that include some cinephile delights, but you could throw a digital dart into Criterion’s catalog and hit something that’ll blow your mind—and a few supplemental special features to educate its remains.

When filmmakers first started making movies, one of the most popular genres was the Western. The first movies ever made were short genre pictures, and one of them was a Western called The Great Train Robbery. Following this, Westerns rose in popularity and remained box office kings until they began to slowly fall out of style in the 1970s.

Since then, there have still been some successful Westerns, but they are often prestige movies made by big-name Hollywood directors as love letters to the past. It is mostly these later efforts that made blockbuster-level money at the box office. These financial totals are based on worldwide box office takes, come from, and do not account for inflation.

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