Ghostbusters Weirdest Ending Had A Stranger Twist Than 1984s Stay Puft

Ghostbusters strange twist ending involving the Stay Puft man terrorising New York City actually isnt the weirdest Ghostbusters ending.

The climactic scene in the original Ghostbusters featuring the giant Stay Puft marshmallow man has become iconic for how bizarre it is, but it surprisingly isnt the weirdest ending the wider Ghostbusters franchise has ever had. In fact, while the movie has received numerous spin-offs of varying quality, the most peculiar ending actually revolved around the series iconic theme song. Despite the sagas supernatural associations, nothing could prepare audiences for the oddness of Ray Parker Jrs Oscars performance.

Ghostbusters: Legacy 2021 Ganzer Film received enormous popularity when it was released in 1984, but equally popular was the song of the same performed by Ray Parker Jr for the movie soundtrack. In the years since its release, the tune has proved perennially popular and is widely hailed as one of the most famous theme songs of all time. Thanks to its catchy and instantly recognizable qualities, the song was nominated for the “Best Original Song” Academy Award. However, despite this accolade, Ray Parker Jrs nomination ultimately led to one of the strangest episodes in Ghostbusters history.

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Despite ultimately losing out to Stevie Wonders “I Just Called To Say I Love You”, the ending of Ray Parker Jrs performance of the iconic Ghostbusters theme song at the awards show certainly made a significant impact. The Oscar performance begins fairly unassumingly as Parker Jr appears operating a forklift as dancers appear on stage as the ghosts, clad in grey clothes, who then begin terrorizing Parker Jr, leaving him stuck in the now levitating forklift as he sings. Then, three men burst through a wall dressed in blue satin space-age suits shooting what look to be laser guns at the ghosts. These men are, apparently, the Ghostbusters, although bearing no real resemblance to the original movie costumes and missing a Ghostbuster. The Ghostbusters valiantly fight off the ghouls terrorizing Ray Parker Jr, but suddenly become overrun by some extra VFX ghosts and end up being captured. The day looks bleak, but then, peculiarly, Dom DeLuise supposedly dressed as the Phantom of the Opera suddenly appears. He proceeds to blast lightning bolts from his hands which both scares the ghosts away and frees Ray Parker Jr and the Ghostbusters. This is the culmination in what is undoubtedly one of the weirdest moments in the entire Ghostbusters associated universe. note: Dune 2021 Deutsch Stream

Its clear from the performance itself that the participants were well aware of just how odd the rendition was. For instance, upon being freed, Parker Jr looks towards the audience and gives a knowing wink as he nonchalantly walks away. This suggests that he himself is well aware of what a wild deviation from the original Ghostbusters concept his rendition had taken. Furthermore, the lightning-shooting Dom DeLuise has no connection to the original film, and his grand appearance at the end as the savior is nothing short of mind-bending.

The Ghostbusters Stay Puft ending is so weird that it cements itself an iconic piece of cinema, but the ending of Ray Parker Jrs performance of the theme song can be classed as even weirder, if not downright ludicrous. The complete nonsensical chaos of Dom DeLuises appearance coupled with the Ghostbusters teal blue satin space suits somehow results in something stranger than a giant marshmallow man terrorizing New York. Although the performance is bizarre, it could be argued that it actually fits perfectly with Ghostbusters signature whacky humor. note: The French Dispatch 2021 Deutsch Stream