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to the movie queue that should be said that it is a movie that comes with status ‘Fan Service’ is the top priority of this year that has it all. Because this is bringing the idol girls BNK48 orbiting to meet the hottest couples who are beloved by girls in the country. Thus causing the synergies between the two snooping out as a “ghost cloth”, a film plastered on the face that is the story of a deuce. But the meat inside is actually full of bum. that have some that can eat some..not some mix together

The ghost cloth tells the story of Ashi, a young otaku ghost. who are looking for content to make their own YouTube channel with friends and that leads him to meet Anya Nang Hom Nuan’s Spirit An ancient ghost of a thousand years ago. from Wiang Chai Chet Buri that she asked him to help find out who killed her and looking for clues this time causing him to face many other young ghosts, whether it is Sarapi, Saban Nga and Kettha Wa, which they used to compete in weaving competitions. in order to convince Prince Rangsiman last time And their approach to the truth was fraught with challenging obstacles.

And this is the work of Shimlang debut as a filmmaker in the first solo movie of “Aum Nattapong” who is considered a student of “Ma Diao Chukiat” who sits in the chair of this producer. Of course, some people might be familiar with his face. Because he used to be a supporting actor in many works of Ma Diao such as Lek Si Lek or Home, love, happiness, memories, and his debut was considered quite satisfactory in many ways. In fact, although this piece of his might still be full of leaks. But it is considered a satisfactory start.

because when trying to listen to the various feeds of the audience Like many voices, it will be compared to the style of Phachar Anon’s “Ho Taew Taek” movie series, which has become a classic Thai comedy franchise. which may be compared to that, it is not wrong Because the rhythm of the movie in many points is inviting to think, but the Phi Phi Sai cloth still has a lighter rhythm. There is more seriousness in the content. And the jokes and creative ideas still didn’t keep up with the movie.

And what caused the ghost cloth to be shaken and shaken the whole story Became the rhythm of the narrative of the movie that made it out to be angry in many periods. The editing and sequencing of the film is almost as bad. It turned into an hour-and-a-hour movie that came with a very casual storytelling method, then cut back and forth. until it became a disappointingly lacking charm in the movie And such frequent flash-linked narratives also cause the entire storyline to be interrupted and uninterrupted.

The ghost cloth said. Come with a storyline that is only small. but using branching branches to tell the story step by step, dragging it all the way down the shore The script was then mixed with the spicy salad as you wished. Put it like a post-news drama that’s easily accessible to viewers, drops a fantasy that doesn’t ask for any sensibility, and leaves the clues behind in a story that’s not nearly as compelling to follow. But when put together, it’s fun with the acting style of the actors in particular.

Another thing that the movie is quite capable of and used a bit too much. It’s probably a special technique and CG in many parts. Because of all the fuss, this beam of light was thrown out. Or go even closer to the mesmerizing CG. It became understood that the creators should have put in to contribute to the grandeur of the movie’s scene. intended to be a technical joke But when the drops are put in too often It makes me feel like Ian as well.

The performance of the team of actors is considered standard. BNK48 girls in this regard are considered to be fully independent. but not even the official release of the show Because their characters are still a bit flat. Came in to add color to the movie, especially “Ve Wiraya” is considered a good role in her character. Although the show wasn’t very outstanding at that time, “Namnueng Milin”, “Pupe Jiradapa” and “Mobile Phimonphat” were the supporting actors who could support each other.

But it turns out that there is only one thing that shines and is the most beautiful. As can be seen from the movie Pha Phi Phi said, this would be the performance of “Wor Wanarat” who can’t deny that he has become a young actor who can shine in a movie that is sagging. amazed The expressions that came out of both his inner and his various gestures were almost all passed. Every scene he appeared in that movie It always results in a better direction graph in the movie.

This kid has a real thing even though he’s only been in the industry for a few years. There are not many performances. Just a series of old love tricks that made him famous today. But from his first film work in Pha Phee Sai, then dare to say that This young man’s performance is worth watching. And would like to create other organizers to see the prospect and potential of this person really because it can be extended for a long time He’s one of the best parts of the movie. and giving a natural acting like someone who has had experience in playing ten movies

Let’s just say that in conclusion, Pha Phi Phi said is a funny ghost movie that can be enjoyed so far without asking for any substance from this movie. The movie might be made for fan service as well. But overall, it is still considered a comedy film that is still passable in its role of entertaining the problem. Even though the movie is full of many flaws Telling a story that is not mellow and a bit off-putting. Yet, the film surprisingly shines a light on the official showpiece diamond. It’s an unexpected movie…you won’t be disappointed in any way.

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