Gettin Ready For Winter Fun With Isuzu

If you’re one of the lucky owners of an Isuzu SUV, you should be getting pretty excited about now. Maybe you own one of the high-performing Isuzu Ascenders. Maybe you proudly park the popular Axiom in your garage every night when you come home from work. Maybe you’re hanging on to that loved Isuzu Trooper. Regardless of which model you fell in love with, chances are, if you’re an Isuzu SUV owner, you’re an active, sporty person who likes to have fun. Well, my friend, the time for winter fun is growing close and you’d better be prepared.

You know you want to do it. The soft snowflakes floating serenely down to earth, the sound of snow whooshing with every turn of your skis, the view from the lift on the way back up, the taste of hot coffee in the lodge after a long day… In the mood to go skiing or snowboarding yet? We thought so. And Isuzu’s got you covered.

Isuzu offers two options for ski accessories for its newest SUV model – the Ascender 5-Passenger. The ButtonDown ski mount carries four pairs of skis and features a secure lock with optional SKS cores.

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Mounting the ButtonDown requires Cross Bars and MightyMounts, and if you’d like it to carry your snowboards instead, you’ll need to purchase the ski lift attachment for under $15. If you’d prefer to hold your skis diagonally, you’ll definitely prefer the SkiSlopes mount. Both are convenient and exceptionally easy to use. Like all Isuzu vehicles, the accessories are also warranted as Isuzu stands behind every product they offer.

And getting up to the slopes is no problem in the Ascender. The Ascender 5-Passenger offers Isuzu’s Stabilitrack Electronic Stability Control which greatly improves handling in adverse weather conditions.

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The system’s traction control – one of the three main components of Stabilitrak – activates as soon as it senses wheel spin (common on snowy roads). Once the wheel or wheels begin to spin, the traction control component will selectively apply the brakes and reduce engine torque. This helps the Ascender regain traction, or contact with the road surface. In addition to traction control, Stabilitrak also combines a stability control system and anti-lock braking system, so that all three work together seamlessly.

If you’re already an Isuzu owner, you know that driving an Isuzu is worry-free. With Isuzu’s comprehensive 7-year/75,000 mile roadside assistance program, even if you encounter a dead battery on your weekend getaway, Isuzu is only a toll-free number away.

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So that leaves just one question. Where should you go skiing? We can help you with that, too. The number one rated skiing in the U.S . is Aspen, Colorado. Vail and Winter Park (also in Colorado) are both in the top ten. Heavenly Ski Resort (located in Lake Tahoe) offers slopes on both the California and Nevada side and has been rated the number 2 best skiing in the U.S. Utah comes in third with Deer Valley Resort (made famous in the 2002 Olympics), and Mount Snow and Killington are both located on the opposite coast in Vermont. With 22 combined Isuzu dealerships in Colorado, California, Nevada, Vermont, and Utah, finding the perfect Isuzu vehicle won’t be too difficult.

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