Get to know the Most Sadistic Batman in the DC Universe!

Bruce Wayne aka Batman is one of the few DC superheroes who adhere to the ‘no-kill rule’. Where this rule makes him always have to be careful when fighting his enemies. Because in addition to having to deter his enemies, on the other hand he is also not allowed to kill. So breaking bones or tearing skin is something that is normal for him, as long as the opponent’s life is not taken by him.

Batman has held this unwritten rule for more than 80 years, After 4 film in italiano which he then passed down to the Bat-Family. However, from the many Bat-Family there is one figure who eventually becomes the second Batman, but does not heed the no-kill rule. He is Jean-Paul Valley aka Azrael, who took a sadistic approach when replacing Bruce in the story of Knightfall. Fans have dubbed him Azbat, an incarnation of Batman who doesn’t come from the multiverse, but has the opposite personality to Bruce. What is the story and greatness of Azbat like? Just take a look below!

Famous As Killer Batman

Jean-Paul Valley first appeared in Batman: Sword of Azrael #1 (1992) as Azrael. One Piece Film Red in italiano He is the result of experiments by evil scientists who inserted animal DNA when he was a baby. This in the end made Valley grow as a strong figure who is said to be able to balance Bruce alias Batman. This is actually quite evident when he first became an anti-hero in Gotham city, where he often clashed with Batman. Until finally Batman saw his potential and then recruited him as part of the Bat-Family in the comic Batman #488 (1993).

Not long after, Bruce turned out to have to rest completely because Bane broke his back in the story of Knightfall. It was at this point that Valley got a chance to become a second Batman so that Gotham wouldn’t know about Bruce’s real plight. However, it wasn’t long after Valley stepped in as Batman that he made a stark difference. From here fans began to call him Azbat, where he would not hesitate to torture his enemies even to the point of killing. The first victim of Azbat’s ferocity was a serial killer named Abbatoir.

His first murder was even witnessed by Tim Drake, Dragon Ball Super Hero film in italiano who at that time was still Robin. Since then Azbat has become increasingly famous as ‘Batman Who Kills’ aka Batman Killer. Feeling embarrassed by his actions, Robin and Nightwing who feel they have a responsibility to protect Batman’s good name then fight with Azbat in the comic Batman: Shadow of the Bat #30 (1994). In the process, Azbat manages to defeat Nightwing and nearly kills him.

The conflict between the Bat-Family ultimately triggers a recovered Bruce to challenge Azbat as the real Batman. Their fights are quite unique, as Batman constantly avoids violence, while forcing Valley to take off Azbat’s costume and mask. It was at this point that Valley acknowledged his defeat and gave up his identity as Batman and left the Bat-Family. After his defeat. Valley lived life as a tramp in the city of Gotham, before finally reverting back to being Azrael.

One of the Strongest Batman in the Main Universe

With his somewhat sadistic action, many fans consider Azbat to be the most effective Batman. Because only then the criminals in the city of Gotham proved to be drastically reduced. Not a few also speculate that if he is still Batman until now, maybe we will never see villains, such as Bane, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Penguin, Victor Zsasz, and so on. Apart from his actions being considered more effective, another reason why he looks strong is because of his costumes.

In terms of fighting skills and using gadgets, Azbat is no different from Batman. The most striking difference in strength lies in the costume. Where he replaces Batman’s gloves with sharp claws, and his mask with a sophisticated helmet that can connect directly to the Bat-computer. He also changed his cloak so that he looked more like Azrael with Batman’s signature colors, namely blue and black. These various costume upgrades make anyone who just saw them already feel scared. Moreover, he also added LED lights to his Batman emblem.

Suffering from Mental Disorder

Unfortunately, Bullet train film in italiano despite all the strength and sophistication of his costume, Azbat turns out to be suffering from a mental disorder. While his identity as Jean-Paul Valley tends to be like a normal person with a passive personality, his persona as Azrael actually makes him often suddenly become a brutal figure. This is what ultimately makes his character often fight with his own mind when he becomes Batman. Where not infrequently he felt panic attacks and also shortness of breath. This mental disorder has indirectly become his weakness as Azbat.

That’s the discussion about the figure of Azbat, the second Batman who is famous as a killer. Besides being famous as Batman Who Kills who doesn’t care about the No-Kill Rule, Azbat is also often considered the most sadistic Batman. We can imagine for ourselves, Bruce, who from the beginning was known to be quite brutal, could lose sadistically to Azbat. That means, Azbat can do more things that make his morals questionable, is he a hero or a villain? That’s why until now his status has never changed, namely an anti-hero as strong as Batman who will not hesitate to kill his opponent.