Gal Gadot Gets New Disney Movie

Disney’s newest offering under its 20th Century Studios banner is Death on the Nile (2022), an adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie novel of the same name.

Despite controversy surrounding star Armie Hammer (The Lone Ranger), The Walt Disney Company and the production team decided to go ahead with releasing the film in theaters on February 11, 2022.

Now, however, it has been banned in two countries as a result of leading lady Gal Gadot’s (Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, Justice League) Israeli military service. Gadot, an Israeli national and former Miss Israel, previously served her country.

Gadot’s service in the Israeli military is what has caused the ban of the film, with both Lebanon and Kuwait actively protesting Israel. Lebanon previously banned the Wonder Woman movies starring Gadot for the same reasons. On the flipside, Death on the Nile has earned a rare confirmed release date in China.

You can watch the official final trailer for the film below:

Gadot’s time with Disney is seemingly just beginning as she has been confirmed as the Evil Queen in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and has been rumored to be in consideration for various roles within Lucasfilm’s Star Wars universe.

Death on the Nile movie review

Death on the Nile movie review: With so many magnificent actors around, you just want Kenneth Branagh to get on with it. And wear a smaller moustache.

Kenneth Branagh gives Agatha Christie another shot with Death on the Nile. The setting is more breathtaking, the actors more gorgeous, the dresses more glamorous, there is love or the talk of it all around, all the time, and if not that, there are steamy suggestions of more carnal and, let’s admit it, pretty agreeable pleasures.

In fact, through its initial half, Death on the Nile is just the kind of Pyramids-scale ambition that should get us back to the movies post another brush with the pandemic. An heiress (Gadot) is on her honeymoon, and a party set against the majestic beauty of Egypt, among Rameses and his queens, sandstorms and kites on pyramids, is what she wants and what she gets.

When the party moves onto a boat with Branagh’s Poirot as guest, the luxury carries on, from lobster to caviar, and lives led lapping up sun, sand and servants. More:

It’s easy to not envy Gadot anything, even if she really should know better flaunting her wealth, beauty and a man she has stolen from a friend, like that. She is just too charming an actor. However, the feeling that it will all come to a crashing end hangs over that cruise precisely for this reason.

When you are rich, you are not safe from anyone, says her Linnet. And her fellow passengers who are either thwarted in love due to her or dependent on her wealth make up a nice and long, mixed suspect list.

If Linnet is a figure of enviable charm, it’s unfortunate that Hammer is her husband, with two lovely women hankering for him and who can’t keep their hands off him. Even without the scandal that now taints the golden boy, Hammer carries just too much good-looking greasy charm for two intelligent women to not see him for it.

As Poirot, Branagh takes his time building up to his grand reveal, as bodies mount around him. If that’s a little bit of a stretch this time, Branagh makes it worse by again making the entire film about himself. From World War I heroics to lovelorn tragedy, there is nothing his Poirot isn’t capable of.

With so many magnificent actors around, especially Okenodo as the sizzling singer who is actually the one rocking this cruise, and Bennett who is miserably underused — not to forget Ali Fazal, who is the inexplicable Brown “cousin” in this incredibly White family — you just want Branagh to get on with it. And wear a smaller moustache.

Gal Gadot’s Israeli Background

The countries are boycotting the film due to the “Wonder Woman” star’s past involvement with the Israeli military.

“Death on the Nile” is set to hit theaters this weekend, but several nations are now boycotting the film at the last minute due to political concerns. The Kenneth Branagh film will not screen in Lebanon or Kuwait, as the countries’ governments have banned the film because of star Gal Gadot’s ties to Israel.

Gadot is an Israeli native, and the actress and model launched her entertainment career by winning the Miss Israel beauty pageant in 2004. The “Wonder Woman” star grew up in the city of Rosh HaAyin and served for two years in the Israel Defense Forces, as all Israeli citizens are mandated to do. As the Israel-Palestine conflict became more controversial in recent years, she remained a loyal defender of her home country, even when such a position was unpopular. That said, she is far from a radical, even tweeting her support for a two state solution in May 2021. “Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation,” she wrote. “Our neighbors deserve the same.”

Critics of Israel still labeled Gadot’s relatively moderate stance as an attack on Palestinian sovereignty, and have sought to have her movies censored for years. In 2017, “Wonder Woman” was banned in both Lebanon and Qatar. Lebanon censored the superhero film after facing extreme pressure by the Lebanese group Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon. While the origin of Lebanon banning “Death on the Nile” is unknown, many believe Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon is behind it as well.

Sources say that Kuwait’s ban is due to Gadot’s Israeli military service, rather than her statements. The Daily Mail quoted a source within the government as saying that they would not book a movie starring a former Israeli soldier. Neither Lebanon nor Kuwait requested any edits to the film, they are simply refusing to show it due to Gadot’s presence in it.

While Hollywood occasionally has to deal with Middle Eastern countries censoring American films, studios are generally more concerned with Chinese censorship due to the nation’s authoritarian government and massive audiences. However, “Death on the Nile” has had no problems on that front. The mystery film will open in China next weekend, and the majority of Middle Eastern countries will screen the film this weekend at the same time that it opens in the United States.

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