Finally Uncharted And The Batman Airs In China

The Batman and Uncharted are the latest films that managed to get a broadcast schedule in China. Uncharted will hit Chinese theaters on March 14. While The Batman on March 18. Confirmation of the show schedule for The Batman and 秘境探險 (2022) signifies the return of the backflow of Hollywood films to China after drying up in 2021.

As reported by Variety on Thursday (17/2), the number of US and Chinese revenue-sharing imports did not meet the annual quota of 34 films as agreed bilaterally.

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Marvel films, both those produced by Disney and Sony, were also absent from China’s big screens last year. Several films that successfully aired in China at that time were F9, Godzilla vs. Kong, Free Guy, and No Time to Die.
Meanwhile, Hollywood films other than The Batman and Uncharted which also managed to get a show in China this year, are Encanto, The Matrix: Resurrections, and Paw Patrol.

However, the Chinese box office is still dominated by local films. Last year, The Battle at Lake Changjin dominated the local box office with revenues of more than 5.8 billion Chinese yuan. Meanwhile, in 2022, based on Box Office Mojo data, China’s box office is controlled by Water Gate Bridge, which is the sequel to The Battle at Lake Changjin. Based on data accessed on Friday (18/2), the film has earned about US $ 480 million in China.

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While The Matrix: Resurrections only earned US $ 13.6 million in China. 2022 Oscar nominee Encanto raised more than $12 million there. Previously Warner Bros. China uploaded a short video announcing plans to broadcast The Batman there. However, they did not reveal the details of the broadcast date.

Confirmation of a release date given four weeks before it hits theaters is likely to be welcomed by the studio. This is because follow-up notices from Chinese authorities are often much shorter. This condition makes it difficult for studios to support the films that are planned to be shown there. The Batman will premiere in South Korea on March 1. Then, followed by Taiwan which became its first Chinese-speaking market on March 2. Fans in Indonesia can also watch The Batman on March 2.

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Previous Batman films have scored quite strongly in China, such as The Dark Knight Rises which earned US$53 million in 2012, then Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with US$97 million in 2016, Finally, Justice League made US$106 million in 2017. At that time, China became the first country to screen the film.

Meanwhile, Uncharted is a treasure hunting adventure film based on a PlayStation video game starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas. The film was directed by Ruben Fleischer. The script was written by Rafe Lee Judkins and Art Marcum & Matt Holloway. Uncharted started its overseas expeditions last weekend with US$22 million from its first 15 markets, such as Spain and the US.

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