Filmmaker’s Point of View Influences Documentary Films

Documentary films are widely known to have a market that is not as big as fiction films, let alone blockbusters like superhero films. However, a number of filmmakers still choose documentaries to realize their creative vision.

There are many reasons why a filmmaker can choose the type of film that has a small market and is considered “heavy”. According to the Jakarta Arts Institute film academic, Satrio Pamungkas, intuition is the main answer.

“In my view, it’s intuition. So the intuition of the creator and intuition is sensitive to a social condition that occurs,” said Satrio, some time ago. “That means the sensitivity of the creator to see other perspectives on the situation, whether cultural, social, political, natural,”

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“The uniqueness of the documentary is the point of view. That’s what makes a documentary more quality or not, it’s from the point of view of the creator or filmmaker,” said Satrio.

Satrio said, the point of view of the filmmaker is what makes a documentary work has its own characteristics. Each filmmaker’s point of view and character makes documentary films have a high diversity. Moreover, the main purpose of the documentary described by Satrio is to provide a different point of view from the general view of a matter.

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“The documentary offers another perspective and opens a different way of thinking from the general point of view. If the documentary shows a common point of view, it will not be an interesting documentary,” said Satrio.

In particular, a number of filmmakers have their own stories when they decide to make a documentary film. Here are their stories on different occasions.

Amelia Hapsari

Academy Awards Jury and Director of Fight Like Ahok (2012)

Amelia Hapsari has made a number of documentaries before being proposed by the Southeast Asian documentary filmmaker community to become a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Some of Amelia’s works are Fight Like Ahok (2012) and Rising from Silence (2016). Amelia admitted that she was initially interested in documentaries during the reformation period. He is aware that there are many stories that are told to the public that have been engineered in such a way.

Until when she plunged herself into working on a documentary, in fact there were several things that underlie Amelia Hapsari’s decision to make a documentary.

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“Kepepet” what he meant when he was actively working on documentaries was that he didn’t have much access and colleagues to do it, because he studied abroad and often moved between countries.

“So what can be done if [the situation] is a bit alone is [yes] a documentary, so that [means] in terms of tightness,” said Amelia.

“Medium, which doesn’t have to have a large crew, allows you to explore an issue even if it’s only one or two people, that’s the tight side,” he continued.

“On the other hand, I actually like it. I like to see things that are not exposed much, I actually find joy when I dive into lives that I didn’t know before,” said Amelia Hapsari.


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