Film Education in Japan

The Orange Nature School teacher training on September 19, 2021 discussed film Halálosabb iramban 9 (2021) teljes film ingyen in Japan. In the Japanese film played by Yoiko, there are things to note, that the average kindergarten teacher 99% is a woman, while boys are very rare, and Yoiko feels that she is the only 1% male kindergarten teacher. . Many things doubt that male kindergarten teachers cannot be good teachers, because they do not have the same care and affection as female kindergarten teachers.
The role of a man as a kindergarten teacher is widely criticized by female teachers, and parents of students. Because the male type can be dangerous for their children at school. At the beginning of his entry Yoiko was not given the role of a kindergarten teacher, but Yoiko played a lot of tasks in using physical, and working on electrical damage that occurred at school.
After some time, Yoiko was very happy to be assigned as a kindergarten teacher, she felt that the kindergarten children liked her, following her behavior. Until when the children were invited to take a walk to the playground, Yoiko was very happy. Yoiko took the children to the toy place to climb the irons, the children were very happy.
But there is one child who is very timid, Yoiko gives encouragement to the child by giving a magical magic sticker which is said to give extraordinary power, when used. The child really believed and believed in Yoiko, finally he was able to ride a toy made of iron, the child was very happy.
It was unfortunate, the magic sticker attached to the child wanted to come off the shoe, in the end the child did not want to lose, and the child lost his balance. And the boy fell to the ground with his left hand injured. Yoiko felt guilty for the incident. And he is responsible for the incident, Yoiko is reviled by the teachers, and the parents of the student Antebellum: A kiválasztott teljes film.
This incident made Yoiko not confident to be a kindergarten teacher, but her parents have given encouragement that being a teacher is not impossible to make mistakes, but being a teacher is something that can give meaning to example and give comfort to children.
Finally Yoiko regained her confidence, she was happy to make a plan that is rarely encountered by many people, namely to use used goods into something valuable and valuable. He makes used goods into a playground for kindergarten children. Yoiko got a change in life that a man can be a teacher for children, and a male soul is indispensable for the development of a child’s soul, so that children do not become feminine, and Yoiko uses used goods to become valuable and valuable goods for reused.


I know the title of the film from the Best Cry Macho teljes film magyarul Picture nomination list at the 2010 Academy Award. Plus, the main actress nomination inserts Carey Mulligan’s name as one of the nominees. Even though neither of them won, it didn’t stop me from watching this film. And here i am, ready to review this movie… Jenny, a smart and beautiful young woman. Filling his life with monotonous and boring activities. Instantly everything changed when she met David, a mature, caring and charming man. Jenny had a different experience when she entered David’s world. Glamor and having fun is their daily menu. Jenny realized the stark age difference would be controversial in her community. School friends, teachers, even parents. Most were against and advised Jenny to stay away and forget about David. But Jenny was “blind”. His eyes were closed with the fun and beauty of the adventure that David’s group had to offer Vaksötét 2 teljes film. Fortunately David is a man with a pleasant personality. Can win the hearts of Jenny’s parents quickly. So the blessing is in hand. Jenny, who was increasingly lulled by the passion of her youth and passion, finally decided to leave school and the goals that had been set up all this time. Jenny does not realize that at this age, there is still much to be pursued other than following a burning passion. I don’t know why this film is very romantic in my eyes. The strength of the dialogue and the location settings are also very supportive. Plus a very thick british accent (cmiiw). I love it Végtelen útvesztő 2. – Bajnokok csatája (2021) film teljes.

Unfortunately, David and Jenny’s story seems irresponsible. There is no clear solution. I noticed there was an empty part after Jenny’s “discovery” in David’s car. Although at the end of the story there is a good solution for Jenny. But again, this film is built very well by depicting the intertwining of Jenny and David’s love story. That’s why it’s a bit scary to see the ending like that. I want more! That’s why it only has 3 stars. The two main players are really good.

They played the characters very well. David’s maturity with his inner dilemma is very well illustrated by Peter. Meanwhile, Jenny’s naivety and beauty are well represented by Carey’s figure.