Fast Urious 9 and Hobbs & Shaw Actor Mistakes

Hobbs & Shaw is one of the most maligned Fast and Furious movies, and F9: The Fast Saga shows where the Dwayne Johnson spinoff went wrong.

F9: The Fast Saga reveals why Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw had so many problems and ended up being a disappointment to most fans. The 2019 spinoff was meant as a solo vehicle for The Rock’s Luke Hobbs character after the star’s falling out with series lead Vin Diesel, as well as an experiment for what the franchise could become after the core saga concludes. Unfortunately, Hobbs & Shaw was mired in problems from start to finish, many of which are illuminated by the success of F9.”Conjuring 3 : Sous l’emprise du Diable 2021 Streaming

The concept of Fast and Furious spinoffs should be a no-brainer. The franchise has a massive cast of characters, huge budgets from Universal, and virtually no limits on stunts and storylines. And going into Hobbs & Shaw, Johnson seemed like the perfect star to lead a Fast side story, with significant help from Jason Statham. While the premise looked strong, the final product fell drastically short of fan expectations, tainting the franchise’s first real venture into spinoff content.”Mortal Kombat 2021 Streaming

So where did Hobbs & Shaw go so wrong? Thanks to Fast and Furious 9, the spinoff’s problems have been thrown into sharp relief. From its handling of the franchise’s characters to its action scenes and its odd handling of the theme of family, Hobbs & Shaw repeatedly failed to understand what makes Fast and Furious so popular with so many people. Here’s where the movie messed up, as highlighted by F9.”Mourir peut attendre 2021 Streaming

The #JusticeForHan movement began when Deckard Shaw became an antihero in The Fate of the Furious, but it really started to gain traction after Hobbs & Shaw was announced. In Fate, Deckard’s alliance with Dom Toretto at least made some kind of in-the-moment sense. Dom needed to save his son, by any means necessary, and the only people with the skills to do so and the motive to go against Cipher were the Shaw brothers. Therefore, a tenuous peace was reached – one that felt disrespectful to many fans but only lasted as long as the movie.”After – Chapitre 3 2021 Streaming

But to take that character – the man who killed Han – and make him half of his own spinoff movie, with his name in the title, was a bit much. That was a bridge way, way too far for many Fast fans. The idea that, at a point in the story, before it was revealed that Han survived Deckard’s attack, the villain could just be turned into a good guy full-time seemed to fly in the face of the one thing Fast and Furious has always claimed to be about: family. The way Shaw was handled throughout the film was seen as an insult to Han and the core franchise as a whole, as no real energy was spent contending with Deckard’s most egregious crime. F9’s resurrection of Han makes that whole storyline a bit better in retrospect, but it doesn’t fix Hobbs & Shaw’s clear misunderstanding of Fast and Furious’ moral compass. And it speaks volumes that most fans prefer a story where Han is retconned out of the grave than one in which Shaw is both a hero and a murderer.”Dune 2021 Streaming

To be fair, Fast and Furious has never really been a narratively driven franchise. The box office numbers are driven by the films’ ludicrous budgets and absurd action set pieces, and the heart of the franchise resides more in the characters and their various relationships with each other than in any one particular plotline. But that doesn’t mean the movies are completely bankrupt in the story department. At worst, Fast and Furious stories are at least inventive and adventurous, drawing dumb fun out of their exotic locations and over-the-top villains. At best, they’re simple yet compelling tales of family, perseverance, teamwork, and loyalty.”BAC Nord 2021 Streaming

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