Fantastic The Batman Rules the Korean Box Office This Week

This week’s Korean box office was dominated by Robert Pattinson’s latest film, The Batman. With sales of 499,763 tickets, The Batman movie is in first place this week. Meanwhile, the Uncharted film still remains at the Korean box office this week. However, this film dropped to second place after being in first place for two weeks. Based on data from the Korean Film Council, here are 5 Korean box offices this week.

1. The Batman

The film Батман (2022) follows solving the riddles of The Riddler, a serial killer who hunts down the elite of Gotham City. However, the hunt instead leads Bruce Wayne to a clue that reveals the big secrets of Gotham and his family in the past.

The film which became Robert Pattinson’s debut as Bruce Wayne has collected US $ 4.2 million from sales of 499,763 tickets on 2,370 screens.

2. Uncharted

Uncharted (2022) is a film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The film tells the story of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) who is recruited by Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to find the greatest treasure. This week, Uncharted sold 99,119 tickets on 1,144 screens, which was equivalent to US$788 thousand.

3. Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 tells the story of a high school boy named Yuta Okkotsu who gets a curse from his late girlfriend named Rika who always follows him everywhere. Yuta then meets Satoru Gojo, the strongest magician and teacher of a Jujutsu school.

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Yuta asks Satoru for help to control the power of the curse. This week, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 sold 75,796 tickets on 735 screens and grossed $616,000.

4. Antebellum

Antebellum tells about the terror experienced by a sociologist named Dr. Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe). The terror incident occurred when he arrived in Louisiana to promote his new book and attend a business meeting. Antebellum this week collected US$207 thousand from sales of 25,709 tickets on 583 screens.

5. Serve the People

Serve The People tells the story of Mu-gwang (Yeon Woo-Jin), a model soldier who dreams of becoming a successful person for his wife and child. One day, he is assigned to work as a cook at the house of the division commander (Cho Seong-ha).

The division commander has a young wife, Soo-ryun (Ji An). As the division commander goes on a business trip, Soo-ryun begins to seduce Mu-gwang. As of this week, Serve the People sold 19,225 tickets on 541 screens.

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