Fan-Favorite Universal Studios Attractions That Were Closed Too Soon

Universal Studios has a variety of new attractions, but Redditors still miss their favorite now-defunct rides, no matter how good the new ones are.

Studios Japan in 2021. Fans of the parks in the States are eagerly awaiting the opening of their Nintendo-themed park coming to the Hollywood location in 2023 to coincide with the release of the upcoming Mario film (per Nintendo). With such a significant change and expansion, it is natural for the parks to revamp and close rides that visitors have loved previously.

Since its opening in the 1990s, Universal Studios theme parks have opened and then closed rides that people still miss. Park lovers have taken to Reddit to lament their favorite rides that closed too soon and will always be remembered.


Kongfrontation was one of Universal’s most intense and well-received rides upon opening. The ride was advanced for its time and became a huge draw for the park. Redditor BZI deemed it, “To this day one of the greatest rides ever made.” Eventually, the hype around King Kong died off, and the ride was replaced by Universal’s next big franchise, The Mummy.

Revenge of The Mummy is one of the few none virtual reality rides left in Universal Orlando. Despite the franchise being nearly two decades old, the ride still pulls in guests.

Dragon’s Challenge

Dragon’s Challenge, formerly Dueling Dragons: A History of Ice and Fire, was a popular ride in the Orlando park, but as Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter expanded further into Islands of Adventure, the ride was soon off theme. Redditor GazzerMcFly said of the closure, “I am shocked… It was always such a great ride and a staple of every visit…”

After closing the ride, the park decided to tear the dragons down and opened Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. While the dragons are still missed, the new ride has long wait times and is being enjoyed by parkgoers.

The Walking Dead – A Walk Through Attraction

With The Walking Dead still delivering great moments in season 11, fans were surprised to learn The Walking Dead – Walk Through Attraction wouldn’t be a permanent fixture in the park.

Redditor Gojirahawk said, “Not sure why they closing.. went through it recently, really good atmosphere. Maybe it’s a cost thing. The walk-through required live actors in make-up rather than animatronics.” With Covid-19 restrictions being put in place for most of 2020 and 2021, the attraction wasn’t viable, and the space was allocated for other use.


Jaws was one of Universal Studios’ longest-running rides, yet that still wasn’t enough time for fans who made the experience a staple in their time at the park. Redditor Johnsnowpump said, “Jaws is one of the most important films of the last 50 years and is a flat-out masterpiece. They could make something great and still use Bruce. Why don’t they just have Speilberg Land and put all his stuff there?”

Despite being outdated, Universal has yet to remove several other classic rides based on older movies in the parks, leaving parkgoers disappointed that Jaws was put on the chopping block.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Art Of Making Movies

Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies was one of the opening day attractions unique to the park as it was dependent on fan interaction and wasn’t strictly a ride. The attraction closed in 2003, and fans were sad to see it go. Redditor FindNSeek1018 said, “I went to this attraction as a kid, which began my love for Alfred Hitchcock movies, still miss this attraction to this day.”

The wildly popular Shrek 4-D eventually replaced the attraction. Given the massive success of Shrek, Universal was all but forced to include a ride or show for the movie, leaving Hitchcock to be retired.

Back To The Future: The Ride

Based on one of the most rewatchable movies from the ’80s, Back To The Future: The Ride became an instant fan favorite at Universal Studios. The theme park devastated fans when they announced the ride would officially close in 2007. Redditor DopewiththeMost said, “I went to Universal Studios for the first time in 2017 w/ my boyfriend. This was his favorite ride (since it’s his favorite movie), and was distraught when they were discontinuing it. He went on the last day and rode on the last ride. He refuses to go on the Simpsons ride…”

Despite the outcry from fans, the park hasn’t revealed plans to bring back the ride and likely never will, given that the franchise has no plans to continue and isn’t slated for a reboot.

Nickelodeon Studios

Nickelodeon Studios was a big attraction for Universal since it allowed fans to see their favorite live-action shows filmed in person, a totally unique experience for a theme park. Redditor Weird_Ad_4657 remembers the studio fondly saying, “I remember getting to go to Nickelodeon Studios as a kid! Super fun, I thought that was the height of all family vacations lol.”

Universal Orlando would likely have kept Nickelodeon in the parks, but eventually, all filming for their programing was moved to California and out of all the parks.

Jurassic Park: The Ride

While Jurassic Park: The Ride technically still exists in the Hollywood and Orlando parks, the ride has undergone cosmetic changes that have left riders missing the nostalgia of the original. Redditor theuserjohnny said, “Rode Jurassic Park: The Ride for the last time. All the rides I grew up riding have now all been closed/replaced.”

Technically the Hollywood version of the ride has just been updated to Jurassic World: The Ride, but it is much more technologically advanced than its former incarnation. Other Redditors agreed that the new version is too focused on using screens and doesn’t give the same thrills as the old animatronics.