Facts About Moon Knight Movies You Should Know

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will welcome a new hero to the Disney+ series. He is MOON KNIGHT, a Lunar Avenger who will appear on the small screen for the first time. With Oscar Isaac playing Marc Spector, the MCU will be more colorful and varied.

Many say that Batman and Moon Knight are similar. But what’s really similar is the fact that they act out at night and both have serious emotional baggage. In addition, they also like to take the law into their own hands when fighting bad people.

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MOON KNIGHT is a quirky superhero with a complicated personality. So let’s explore some interesting facts about the characters who will debut in the fourth phase of this MCU.

MOON KNIGHT aka Marc Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID). In Marvel itself there are Deadpool and Scarlet Witch who have this kind of disorder.

This condition began when Marc was a child. At that time, he learned that a friend of his family was a Nazi defector and Jewish attacker. He struggles to survive, and that’s when his DID begins. When he was close to being admitted to a mental hospital, he saw Khonshu for the first time.

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Even though he is a superhero, in the past, Marc Spector was a mercenary for hire. And unlike Batman, he has no problem killing his enemies. He got his superpowers when the people who worked for him decided that he wanted the treasures of Egypt and betrayed him by massacring entire villages to get them, Spector stood before him and paid for it with his life until finally he was saved by the god of Egypt, Khonshu.

MOON KNIGHT acts at night because the power he has can only be used under the influence of the moon. Even though he was finally able to use it during the day but he had to go through various problems related to this weakness.

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Since his powers came from the moon it meant when under the full moon he would be at his strongest. When the moon is not visible, he can lift weights up to 453 kg. But, when the full moon arrives, he will gain strength and can lift weights up to 1,814 kg.

It’s quite strange to see a hero who acts at night instead wearing a white costume. And the reason is not because the color is similar to the color of the moon. Spector revealed the reason when he spoke to Hawkeye about the costume. The reason he wore white was not to hide, but to let his enemies know who was coming. Because of his brutal way of fighting, it is certain that his enemies will be frightened to see him coming.

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Moon Knight is one of those weird characters like Wolverine, who likes to be alone but can’t believe he’s ever joined the Avengers. He was able to join the superhero team after Steve Rogers aka Captain America recruited him.
Then he became one of the secret Avenger agents who served in Los Angeles alone. But it looks like this story will not be told in the Disney plus series considering that he was recruited together with several X-Men members. But it does not rule out interactions with members of the Avengers.

There is one interesting fact about the weapons used by MOON KNIGHT. The equipment he uses was made 5,000 years ago by Hawkeye. The story is, when the Avengers traveled to the past in Ancient Egypt, he created a weapon for the priests to use to protect themselves and 5,000 years later the weapon was given to the MOON KNIGHT.

Unlike the Black Phantom suit which is made of vibranium, this shirt from MOON KNIGHT is made of adamantium. In case you forgot, adamantium is the same material as Wolverine’s claws, so there’s no need to doubt its strength.

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