Eternals Review: A Flood of Praise from the American Media

Eternals film online Directed by Oscar-winning Chloe Zhao; and starring Kumail Nanjiani; Angelina Jolie; Salma Hayek; Kit Harington; and Gemma Chan; the film is poised to become another favorite installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Eternals film (Korean: 이터널스 다시보기), which tells the story of the immortal race created by Celestial, has so far not been involved in the MCU’s biggest conflicts, including Thanos. However, an even greater threat faces the universe, and the Eternals team must definitely intervene.

While Marvel movies tend to follow a formula, a director’s vision can really make a movie spectacular, like James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. Zhao, the first Marvel director to win an Oscar for Best Director, promises to bring something new and exciting to the MCU.

Several journalists in the US who had watched the film Eternals before its scheduled release on November 5 acknowledged Zhao’s commitment. In general, they gave positive reviews and stated that Eternals was a new breakthrough for the MCU.

Reported in Looper on Wednesday (20/10), Erik Voss via the New Rockstars Youtube channel called the film an extraordinary Marvel treat and the biggest game changer since Avengers Endgame. Voss also praised Chloè Zhao’s directing skills. “He’s managed to bring a bolder thrill to the MCU,” Voss said.

Aaron Couch of the Hollywood Reporter also praised Eternals for its unique storytelling, saying it was the most distinct of all Marvel films.

Actor Patton Oswalt also called Eternals “the next level” film. Oswalt admitted that he had never seen a Marvel film that successfully combined interactive stories and unlimited scope.

POC Culture also lauds the film’s commitment to character development and its significant role in the MCU. “The character is so vast that it will definitely impact the entire MCU universe,” said POC.

Of course, the post credits scene is often the best part for Marvel fans and it turns out that Eternals really does. This was revealed by Ashley Menzel of We Live Entertainment.

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“Of all the post credit scenes I watched during the premiere, I’ve never seen the audience so enthusiastic as when I saw it on Eternals,” he said.

‘Eternals’ is Currently The MCU Film With the Lowest Critics Rating

Eternals has been reviewed by several critics and is currently the lowest-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film of all. This is based on the reviews of film critics on this film.

Eternals received a rating of 63 percent. This figure is lower than other MCU films, Thor: The Dark World, which received a rating of 66 percent.

Film critic Leah Greenblatt wrote that Eternals was too much of a Marvel adaptation of an origin myth convoluted with exotic vistas of London, Hiroshima and Ancient Babylon.

Based on 16 initial reviews compiled by Rotten Tomatoes, reported by EW on Thursday (28/10) US time, the initial assessment and review of Eternals was divided. A total of 10 film critics praised and 6 other critics criticized Eternals.

Note: 랑종 다시보기 영화

One of the credits given to Owen Gleiberman as a critic of Variety. He feels Eternals is a fun film to watch even though the duration of the film directed by Chloe Zhao is fairly long.

Another compliment came from Brian Truitt as a critic of USA Today. He felt Eternals really took advantage of Zhao’s strengths and felt friendly to new audiences starting to understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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Despite getting a lot of praise, a series of critics also followed the film Eternals. Indie Wire critic, David Ehrlich, said the film could do nothing but show a line of superheroes like other films.

Then another criticism came from Steve Rose as a critic of the Guardian. He considered Eternals an ordinary film, which is not too boring but also not too interesting to watch.

Eternals tells the story of a group of humans named Eternals who have super powers. They are said to have existed since the beginning of human civilization and are referred to as one of the oldest superheroes in the world.

This time the Eternals scattered in various places reunited to carry out a mission, defeating the mortal enemy and the oldest enemy of mankind who are members of The Deviants.

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This film became a hot topic after its release because it featured Harry Styles as Eros who is Thanos’ younger brother in the post-credits scene. Most likely the character will appear in the MCU films in the future.


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