Eternals Review: 4 New Marvel Characters Appear

There are 4 new Marvel characters that Eternals stream introduces in its two post-credits scenes. One character has been introduced early on and another has been leaked.

There are two post-credits scenes in Eternals online. These two post-credits scenes introduce 4 main characters who will have a huge impact on the future of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There is an apparition that even people who have seen it do not expect.

Eternals is built for the future of the MCU. The Eternals team is huge, the biggest in MCU history to date. Avengers introduces its 6 members in The Avengers. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy only has 5. Eternals consists of 10 superheroes.

Not only building Eternals, this film also introduces four other characters who will become an integral part of the MCU. They are all introduced through the post-credits scene of the film. Anyone? Here’s the review!

1. Eros/Starfox — Harry Styles

The presence of Harry Styles, who plays Eros/Starfox in the post-credits scene of Eternals (Korea: 이터널스 영화 다시보기), is no longer a surprise. His whereabouts have been leaked since the premiere of Eternals last month. In the comics, Eros/Starfox is Thanos’ younger brother.

Eros appears in a post-credits scene that takes place after the events of the film. A number of Eternals, namely Druig, Makkari and Thena, left Earth on their plane to search for other Eternals across the galaxy. They suddenly heard a noise.

Just then, a portal opened and took out what looked like a goblin and was followed by a stout character. This person was dressed like those three Eternals. He then said that he was Eros from Titan aka Starfox. He knew not only their plans but also where they could find the missing Eternals.

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2. Pip the Troll — CGI/Patton Oswald Karakter Character

The goblin that appears in the post-credits scene is Pip the Troll. Pip tumbled from the portal with a cup of ale in his hand. The beer also grows on the spaceship Eternals. He then muttered before finally announcing who Starfox was and his achievements.

Starfox is clearly annoyed by that. He says he asked Pip not to make the announcement. From the tone of his voice, this indicated that he had warned the troll many times. But there is no result.

In Eternals, Pip the Troll is a CGI character. Interestingly, when Peter Dinklage was cast for Avengers: Infinity War, many guessed that he would play Pip the Troll. But, in the film, he turns out to be playing Eitri, the Dwarven King. In Eternals, Patton Oswalt voices Pip the Troll.

In the comics, Pip the Troll wasn’t born a troll. He turns into a troll after spending one night drinking with this creature. Their drink was enchanted which eventually changed Pip’s form. As a result, he was expelled from Laxidazia. At first, he had no strength. But, he finally had some, including teleportation.

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3. Dane Whitman/Black Knight — Kit Harington

In another post-credits scene in Eternals, Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman is confirmed as the Black Knight. In that scene, Dane anxiously wara wiri in a study. He then opened an old box on his desk.

The reason for his anxiety was finally revealed. When he opened the box, there was a strange whispering sound. The sword he revealed was clearly enchanted with some kind of magic. The metal seemed to move and ripple on its own.

Above the sword was written a message. “Death is the Reward,” the message reads. Whatever power and rewards Dane would receive with the sword seemed likely to come at a significant price. The sword called the Ebony Blade was inherited in the Dane family.

Dane isn’t actually a new character in Eternals. He has been introduced as a supporting character in this film. His face already appeared in the trailer of the film. However, this post-credits scene ordaining Dane is officially in the process of becoming a Black Knight.

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4. Eric Brooks/Blade — Mahershala Ali

Many initially thought that the voice belonged to Nathan Garrett, Dane’s uncle. In the comics, he was the previous Black Knight. However, it wasn’t.

The revealer behind the voice in the post-credits scene is none other than the director of Eternals, Chloe Zhao. This is the first time the MCU has introduced their new character: Blade. Mahershala Ali plays Blade in the MCU.

“It was the voice of one of my favorite superheroes, Blade. Blade, Blade, Blade, yeah! I don’t know what they did to the film, but Mahershala is a treasure. It’s going to be epic,” Chloe told Fandom.

Mahershala was introduced to play Eric Brooks aka Blade in the MCU Blade reboot. Until now, not much is known about this film. Blade will be directed by Bassam Tariq with a script from Stacy Osei-Kuffor.

It is not known what Blade’s connection to the Black Knight is until he has to appear in Eternals. There is a possibility that the Black Knight will appear in Blade. Ebony Blae’s bloodthirsty curse will be an interesting factor in this film.

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