Encanto’s Great Cartoons Take the First Place in the Best selling Cartoons

The cartoon or musical animation with the theme of the animal world “Encanto 2021 celý film“, produced by Disney, has again occupied the top position in the highest-grossing film in the country.

In its second weekend of release, “Encanto” raised $12.38 million from 3,980 theaters in the US and Canada. It recorded a 54% drop from its premiere and within two weeks the film was $57.6 million domestically.

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The drop of about 50% between the first and second weekends is in line with the recent releases of Disney Thanksgiving films, such as 2016’s “Moana” (50% down), 2017’s “Coco” (only 45% down) “Ralph Breaks the Internet” 2018 (down 54%) and “Frozen II” 2019 (down 59%).

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Disney’s previous animated films were able to garner early results at stronger premieres in the domestic market, however, they were not shown in theaters during the pandemic. By COVID-19 standards, “Encanto” fared well in the market. The family-friendly adventure-themed film, featuring songs by “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, is coming to Disney Plus, after being screened exclusively in theaters for 30 days.

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