‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3: Release Date, Returning Cast, Teaser, and Everything We Know So Far

The media content mill churns constantly in today’s fast-paced environment, with top production companies such as Netflix and Disney seemingly having an endless stream of new releases in the pipeline. So, like monkeys at typewriters, it would be cynical yet true to suggest that, inevitably, they are likely to stumble across a fan-favorite television series. For every flop, there seems to be a hit, and the thought of Netflix comes hand in hand with their most notable and successful shows. However, these shows are still often panned by critics and fans after their inaugural Season, with the task of keeping up the high standards of their debut outing too difficult. So, the shows that can stay relevant and successful for several Seasons are indeed the very best, with Netflix being able to name only a handful of world-renowned titles that are spoken about in the same breath as all-time classics.

One of these titles, although a show that seems to divide viewers, is Emily in Paris. A title that is so synonymous with the last few years of Netflix’s dominance of the media subscription market, Emily in Paris is a romantic-comedy series that has stolen the hearts of an enormous fan base. Encapsulating many of the dream-like themes and settings of its target demographic, the show has cemented itself as a must-watch for millions of viewers that are whisked away to the idyllic lifestyle of the fashion industry in Paris. Now, with the release of the third Season edging ever closer, and with the title of the show on so many people’s lips, here is a comprehensive run-down of everything we know about Emily in Paris Season 3… so far.

When Is Emily in Paris Season 3 Coming Out?

One of the very first and most important facts to establish is the date the show will arrive back on our screens. Previously, there has been much speculation surrounding the launch date, but we do now know that the show will return on December 21, 2022. As the Christmas present, no one thought of, but everyone wanted, the countdown to Christmas this year may be replaced by the countdown to Emily in Paris Season 3, and for good reason.

Where Can I Watch Emily in Paris Season 3?

With Emily in Paris being one of the quintessential Netflix titles, predictably, it will be launched onto the platform on December 21, 2022. Interestingly, the show did not begin life as a Netflix project as many may assume but was originally developed for Paramount Network back in 2018. They, thankfully, chose to give the show a straight-to-series order which then led to it being picked up by Netflix and released in July 2020.

What Will Season 3 of Emily in Paris Be About?

With a show so reliant on its narrative arc, the plot line of Emily in Paris Season 3 will be the major talking point during the run-in to its release. With Season 2 ending on a cliffhanger, many fans have been waiting frustrated for answers to what will happen to our titular character. With Madeline (Kate Walsh) and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) coming to blows at the end of Season 2, Sylvie decided to depart Savoir and make a rival firm whilst also requesting that Emily (Lily Collins) join her at a rival firm. “Will she go or will she stay?” was the question on everyone’s lips following this nail-biting finale, but, with the release of some promotional images for the new Season, it seems as if Emily stayed in Paris rather than joining Sylvie in her new venture in Chicago. This, in turn, leads to some juicy prospects about how her time in Paris will continue to play out. Gabrielle (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) are back together and are now neighbors of Emily which is likely to cause some sort of mayhem, especially considering Alfie’s (Lucien Laviscount) suggestion of a long-distance relationship. All this drama is expected to play out with the similar wit and spectacle we have come to love in the first two Seasons, and fans, quite rightly, can’t wait.

Is There A Trailer For Emily in Paris Season 3?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a trailer for the new Season. However, Netflix has a fantastic record of releasing intriguing trailers for all their best shows and so it is likely only a matter of time before one is released. In the meantime, Netflix has dropped a ‘date announcement teaser’ which shows Emily still in Paris and, most notably, cutting herself some bangs. She claims in the teaser that “They’re just bangs. Sometimes people cut bangs when everything is fine” which would hint at the very opposite of that statement. The teaser, although very short, reminds us of the style of comedy and cinematography that fans have grown to adore from Emily in Paris and promises much more of it in the upcoming Season. The teaser can be watched below:

Who Is In Emily in Paris Season 3?

On September 22nd, Netflix released the first set of promotional images for the new Season, which confirmed that some fan-favorite characters would be returning. Of course, Lily Collins (Love, Rosie) is back as Emily, alongside Ashley Park (Mr. Malcolm’s List) who plays Mindy Chen, Camille Razat (Mastemah) who plays Camille, Lucas Bravo (Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris) who plays Gabriel and Lucien Laviscount (The Bye Bye Man) who plays Alfie. Laviscount has been upgraded to a series regular following his success with fans in recent Seasons, which will delight those who are lovers of his portrayal of Alfie. As well as these names, the strong ensemble cast would not be complete without Samuel Arnold (Platane) who plays Julien, the aforementioned Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Call My Agent!) who plays Sylvie, and Bruno Gouery (Rose Island) who plays Luc. Of course, this isn’t all the names in what is a superbly strong ensemble cast, with a plethora of other talented actors set to appear in the show.

Is This The Last Season Of Emily in Paris?

For many fans, Emily in Paris has felt like a constant through what has been a turbulent last couple of years. With that in mind, the thought of such a highly regarded piece of media ending can seem devastating to many. Excitement for Season 3 is rife, but fear for the show’s inevitable demise is always present which is likely to make the announcement made on the 10th of January taste like sweet medicine. Back at the start of the year, Netflix announced that not only would a Season 3 of Emily in Paris be hitting our screens but so would a Season 4, and it is that sort of information that will allow many to not just look forward to the upcoming third outing, but beyond it as well.