Ed Skrein Tries to Make a Comeback in I Used to be Famous Trailer

When youre a child or teenager in the entertainment industry, you always face the possibility of peaking too soon and ending up out of the limelight before youre ready to go. And, thats precisely what happened to Ed Skreins (Game of Thrones, Deadpool) character, Vince, in Netflixs upcoming film, I Used to be Famous. A newly released trailer reveals Vinces early years in the spotlight before falling from glory, only to try to climb the fame ladder all over again.

Still reeling from his time as the head member of an uber-successful boy band, a now adult Vince is looking for a way to get his foot back in the door. The trailer reveals that the musician has been struggling since the end of the band, hoping to make a name for himself, but never really able to leave a memorable mark. Its not until he meets teenager Stevie (Leo Long), that his sound begins to take form. An incredibly talented drummer with Autism, Stevie soon finds himself as one-half of an indie duo with Vince. As the two find their groove, they face constant criticism at shows and from haters around every corner on their way back to the stages that Vince once knew well.

The film will mark British director Eddie Sternbergs first full-length feature production. Fascinated by the adult lives of child stars, Sternberg first created the project as a short by the same name. The 2015 critically acclaimed indie film starred Naomi Ackie (The Score) in her Hollywood debut. In an interview with Variety, Sternberg revealed that he was moved to create the film because of his obsession with men and women who were once members of mega boy and girl bands. In particular, he was seeking to tell the damaging side of achieving such a magnitude of fame at such a young age only to be chewed up and spat out, and forced to deal with that void.

Midway Stars Ed Skrein and Luke Kleintank Talk About Playing Heroic World War II Naval Pilots. When Midway hits theaters on November 8th, youll have many people to thank for the World War II epics bursting-at-the-seems action. Chief among them, of course, is director Roland Emmerich. But its the likes of Ed Skrein and Luke Kleintank who, as hero dog-fighting pilots, are at the tip of the spear among an ensemble cast that features Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, Nick Jonas, and Dennis Quaid.

Much of the heavy lifting for the action is provided by Skreins cocksure yet righteous depiction of legendary WWII fighter pilot Navy Lt. Richard Dick Best, whose risky yet impeccably placed bombing runs arguably turned the tides of the war. As such the film is packed credits-to-credits with death-defying, dive-bombing, and stomach-churning antics courtesy of Skreins maneuvers from the cockpit of his trusty Douglas Destroyer.

Among Skreins squadron of fearless fighters is Navy Lt. Clarence Earle Dickinson Jr., played by Luke Kleintank. Like Best, Dickinson was a decorated pilot (the first in history to receive three Navy Crosses) whose actions helped turn the tide of the war. He was among the first to spot the Japanese war fleet that had congregated near Midway Atoll on June 4, 1942.

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