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Inform you of the films that have just been released and can be watched in streaming for free, When it was announced that MTV’s hit supernatural drama Teen Wolf would be getting revived for a new follow-up feature set to stream on Paramount+, fans were excited to see the Wolf Pack once again after a five-year absence. However, when news broke about who all would be returning, a lot of those same fans were plenty disappointed to find out Dylan O’Brien was among the few former stars not coming back. Now the Maze Runner actor is speaking out about his decision. Dylan O’Brien portrayed one of Teen Wolf’s most beloved and comedic characters in Stiles Stilinski. While Stiles’ iconic jeep was used in the short teaser for the upcoming movie, which gave fans an idea that O’Brien would reprise his role, Stiles is most definitely not returning to Beacon Hills. The actor opened up exclusively to Variety about how much the show means to him, and what ultimately made him make the “difficult decision.

It’s clear that Teen Wolf still means a lot to Dylan O’Brien, even five years after the series ended at MTV. While it was not an easy decision to decline to appear in the movie, O’Brien seems to have put a lot of thought into his choice and weighed out the options for what could work best. So it will be interesting to see how the movie addresses Stiles’ absence, if at all. Even though the The Outfit star won’t be in the Teen Wolf movie, he still sent his sentiments to his former costars. Dylan O’Brien will be looking forward to the film and has made sure to point out that he will be watching it as soon as it drops on Paramount+. For O’Brien to still be so grateful for his cast as to send them his well wishes for the movie, it proves that he supports the film being made. It’s also not wildly surprising that he decided to not do the movie, as he is keeping pretty busy lately. On top of new movie The Outfit, he has also been rumored to take up the Nightwing mantle in Batgirl, with fans even creating impressive [fan art to imagine him in the role]. However, he recently revealed that he hasn’t heard anything about it, but you never know with comic book movie secrecy.

Aside from O’Brien not returning, Arden Cho will also not be reprising her role of Kira Yukimura due to not getting an equal pay among her former co-stars. Tyler Hoechlin, who portrayed Derek Hale, is not yet set to return but as of now, there’s no confirmation on whether fans can expect to see Derek again. Much of the original cast will return including Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes and Shelley Hennig.

The aforementioned Tyler Posey has been hyping up fans (as well as himself) for the upcoming movie. In October 2021, the actor revealed that he was excited for audiences to see their favorite characters age and out of high school, what they’ve been up to since we last saw them.

Hopefully we still get some sense of a follow-up for Stiles when the Teen Wolf movie premieres, but it definitely won’t be the same without Dylan O’Brien. If you want to get your Stiles fix, all six seasons of the MTV series is streaming on Hulu and Paramount+. Also be sure to check out some of O’Brien’s best projects.

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