Dwayne Johnson Talks About Superman’s Presence in Black Adam Sequel!

Lately, many fans have put their hope in the Black Adam film to revive the DCEU cinema universe. This can happen because since the film Justice League (2017) failed to satisfy fans, the direction and format of the DCEU has become unclear. Where some of the actors seem to be no longer excited to reprise their roles in the future. Like Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. The hope is that the Black Adam film can be the beginning to treat it all.

The Black Adam film itself actually has the potential to achieve this goal. One of them is evident from the many interesting characters involved in it. Like the Justice Society superhero team, Amanda Waller from A.R.G.U.S., and so on. Moreover, the last few days rumors circulated that Cavill ‘Superman would appear in the credit scene of the films online 2022. This rumor was even backed up by Black Adam actor Dwayne Johnson, who said a secret message, “welcome back,” to someone.

Johnson Doubts Black Adam vs. Superman Will Happen

Apart from rumors that are very likely to occur in the first film, Johnson recently returned to discuss ‘Black Adam vs Superman’ in the sequel to the film later. Unfortunately, in his interview session at the Black Adam premiere, Johnson doubted that watching movies online Black Adam vs Superman would actually happen. According to him, the encounter between Superman and Black Adam should not always be a fight. He even said that the ‘hint’ can actually be seen by fans at the end of the Black Adam film.

“I don’t know [what the future will be like]. I think the question is ‘should it be a fight?’. I’m not sure it’s going to turn out that way,” Johnson told ComicBook’s Brandon Davis. “When fans see the ending of Black Adam and they they really pay attention to the words and the nuances, that’s what will lead us all [to the next story].”

Fans have been expecting a fight between Black Adam and Superman for a long time at the DCEU. However, based on Johnson’s latest statement, it seems that there is a possibility that the two formidable characters in DC will even ally. What do you think, geeks? If you haven’t seen the ending, you can already see the Black Adam films in cinemas. So, don’t miss it!