Dwayne Johnson Demolishes JSA’s Hawkman

Warner Bros. releases a new Black Adam movie trailer during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, revealing more footage from Dwayne Johnson’s DCEU debut. New Black Adam trailer is here thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. After waiting for more than a decade to play the powerful DC villain, The Rock is finally on the precipice of debuting Black Adam. The original plans for him to be the villain of Shazam! were scrapped in favor of a solo film to capitalize on The Rock’s star power. He has continued to promise that Black Adam will change the DC Extended Universe and serve as a launching point for a much bigger universe.

Warner Bros. and DC Films have shared multiple looks at Black Adam in the past, as early trailers and footage highlighted his DCEU origin and the inclusion of the Justice Society of America. The new DC team features a lineup of Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). They have repeatedly been shown in previous Black Adam trailers as a likely ally to the ancient superhero after he reawakens in the modern day.

JSA Can Connect To 7 DCEU Movies & Characters The DCEU’s Black Adam movie will introduce the Justice Society of America, which could connect to several major DC characters within the universe. The upcoming Black Adam will introduce the Justice Society of America to the DCEU, which can connect to seven iconic DC Comics characters and films. The ever-growing DCEU is a faithful depiction of the iconic DC Comics mythos, with comic-accurate depictions of famous heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman, while also gradually delving into the more obscure sides of DC’s eras of superhero storytelling. In addition to having Dwayne Johnson’s long-awaited portrayal of Black Adam, the film will also feature the cinematic debut of one of DC’s oldest superhero teams, with various potential connections to the DCEU’s solo and crossover films.

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Black Adam debuted in 1945 as an enemy of Captain Marvel (now marketed as Shazam), quickly becoming one of the magic-based hero’s most prominent foes. Over time, however, Teth-Adam, who possesses similar abilities to Billy Batson, has become a morally gray character, best described as an anti-hero in modern storylines. As such, Black Adam has been a member of sinister groups like the Monster Society of Evil as well as the heroic Justice Society of America. Given that the JSA will play a major role in the upcoming Black Adam, the film will likely delve into his heroic side, if only temporarily, by having him be a brief member of the storied superhero team.

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The Justice Society of America was the first superhero team in both DC Comics and the superhero genre overall, debuting in 1940 during the Golden Age of superhero comics. As with many solo superhero comics, the JSA’s early adventures frequently had them battle Axis forces during World War II, but in the years following the war, superhero comics declined in popularity. DC’s next major superhero team was the Justice League, which debuted in the Silver Age when superhero comics found a resurgence in popularity, but the JSA was soon brought back to DC’s mythos, either as an alternate universe’s superhero team or one from an earlier period in time. The DCEU’s version of the JSA appears to be the latter, which would allow it to tie into the stories of seven other superheroes.

Warner Bros.’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Dwayne Johnson appeared to hype the upcoming DCEU movie and brought a brand new Black Adam trailer with him. The big focus of the trailer is on the fight between Black Adam and the Justice Society of America. The Black Adam Comic-Con trailer shows him fighting multiple Dr. Fates, but it ends with him demolishing Hawkman, proving just how powerful Johnson’s DC character is. The fight between Black Adam and the JSA featured in the Black Adam trailer will surely get longtime DC comics readers excited. They have worked together at times in the source material, but Black Adam has also fought the team too. It seems that DC’s Black Adam movie will feature a similarly uneasy relationship between Johnson’s character and the new DC team. The marketing has already teased the characters having some peaceful (or at least non-fighting) interactions, but this sneak peek provides a clear display of Black Adam’s power. It did not show Amanda Waller’s Black Adam return, which was announced during the panel.