Dragon Ball Super Goku’s Best Plan To Beat

Dragon Ball Super have uncovered some incredible mysteries and lore-shattering truths about Goku and his father Bardock, but fans seem to have forgotten the real reason why these revelations actually came about in the first place… and why it just made Goku even less likely of ever defeating Gas at all. The current flashback into the previous Bardock/Gas fight came courtesy of an audio file from Bardock’s old scouter, left behind after the Saiyan’s victory. In the present day, Goku and his friends have been struggling to defeat that same villain–an even more unbeatable enemy since his true berserker power awakened. But what seemed like a solid plan to unlock Bardock’s winning strategy has taken a shocking turn, after Goku recovered the famous Saiyan’s scouter to emulate his strategy.

Chapter 83, the audio recording finally reveals how Bardock defeated Gas even after the villain had gone into a berserker state. Despite getting his Saiyan tail ripped off, Bardock continues to hold his ground before undergoing some sort of transformation before Super Saiyan that gives him enough of an upper hand to defeat the villain. Even though he technically wins, Bardock reverts back to his normal form and passes out from overexerting himself. With little time to prepare for such a bombshell from mangaka Akira Toriyama, the true ramifications of this reveal may need time to truly be grasped. In addition to his unexpected transformation (which justifies some massive non-canon twists) Bardock likely made a wish that, if true, changes Dragon Ball lore forever, as it basically proves the only reason Goku has been such a successful warrior is because his father willed it. A reveal so massive, fans may have understandably forgotten that the goal was to learn Bardock’s means of defeating Gas… which now seem to ‘unlocking a new transformation,’ which can’t really be emulated. If Bardock had come up with a cunning strategy, or exploited some weakness, that would have been one thing. Instead, Goku and his friends are right where they started. Technically worse off, since they no longer have such hope.

Of course, Goku could always try to transform like Bardock did when he later resumes his fight against Gas, but this is something that’s always on the back of Goku’s mind. In fact, it’s happened to him countless times in the franchise, even in Dragon Ball Super. He’s been in numerous situations where he’s up against a big bad he can’t defeat but ends up winning anyone despite the odds because he unlocks a new transformation. So, Goku didn’t actually learn anything he didn’t already know. What would be incredible, however, is if Goku leverages his newfound knowledge that his father wished for him to always thrive to his advantage. All he has to do is just exist and he’s bound to succeed, right?

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