Downfall The Case Against Boeing Review by Director Rory Kennedy

Downfall The Case Against Boeing is the latest documentary released on Netflix. This documentary is directed by Rory Kennedy. For information, this female director has directed more than 30 documentaries that have won her an Emmy Award and been included in the list of Oscar nominations.

With regard to his latest documentary, as the title suggests, this film focuses on two unfortunate incidents of the Boeing 737-Max plane crash in 2018 and 2019. This documentary, before coming to Netflix, premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

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Kennedy used the October 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash in Jakarta to take audiences into the long history of the Boeing company. Beginning with the crash of their new, headline-grabbing jet, the 737 MAX, and a PR crash that drew attention to the entire aviation world, Kennedy and his writers Mark Bailey and Keven McAlester then went back and examined Boeing as an airline company known for its bold ventures and innovations. risk.

The Downfall documentary The Case Against Boeing is a harrowing, infuriating, and depressing account of the events leading up to — and after — the 2018 Lion Air crash in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the 2019 Ethiopian Airlines crash in Addis Ababa. Bad decisions and wrong assumptions by the Federal Aviation Administration and the company led to both crashes, killing 346 people.

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Kennedy directs the presentation of this documentary like a television episode about a real crime. For interviews with airline executives and government officials he used surveillance videos, photos and telephone recordings of employees at Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration. This is interspersed with computer animations showing how a supposedly small field change flows into a more significant problem.

Through interviews with current and former Boeing employees and current and former pilots, and other aviation experts, Kennedy paints a portrait of a company that managed to break through without sacrificing finances and workplace equity. Downfall doesn’t just look at the cultural shift that led to this collapse. , but also towards the human victims and the ethics they leave behind. Kennedy explained how Boeing tried to reduce media attention through the blame game, shifting focus to the airlines involved, the individual pilots, and even the country itself.

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The company’s backlash (and, to what extent, the media reported on the crash) became rife with xenophobia and racism, insinuating these unimaginable flaws on behalf of these nations in American airlines – all as a means to distract investigators from the structure of the 737 MAX plane so that Boeing was able to maintain, as one interviewee put it, their “false denial.” Again, corporate greed is nothing new, and we should all know that capitalism explicitly relies on racism and other forms of oppression to function, but seeing it laid out so blatantly is still annoying.

The documentary is a structured examination of what went wrong with the 737 Max, whose license was revoked in 2019 after two crashes killed 346 people. This largely avoids blaming (though it does point out that Federal Aviation Administration regulations have allowed the US aviation industry to self-regulate for decades). Instead, this presentation attempts to show how a series of errors and misjudgments led to the aircraft’s development and release of its license by regulators.

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With a duration of one and a half hours, Downfall according to the author’s overall assessment is an interesting documentary presentation. This is because the presentation is not only informative, the filmmaker is able to make it very interesting with several animated illustrations and a constant pace. Even with the background music that is able to maintain the atmosphere of the spectacle.

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