Doctor Strange 2’s Mount Wundagore Is Bigger For The MCU

Multiverse of Madness the MCU introduces a new location, Mount Wundagore, and it could play a bigger role in future MCU projects. The sequel to Doctor Strange saw the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) traveling to the mountain in order to wield the power of the Darkhold. Wundagore also served as the site for the film’s final battle that saw Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), and the Sorcerer Supreme Wong (Benedict Wong) joining forces to stop the Scarlet Witch from creating a multiversal incursion. However, there’s much more to Wundagore that Doctor Strange 2 didn’t reveal. In Doctor Strange 2, Wanda Maximoff seeks the powers of America Chavez and her ability to travel across the multiverse, wanting to reunite with her children in another universe. However, taking her power would mean killing her as well. As such, this puts her into conflict with Doctor Strange and his fellow Masters of the Mystic Arts. While Strange and Chavez escaped across the multiverse, Wanda attempted to follow by temporarily puppeteering a version of herself from the universe they’d jumped to. However, this required the power of the Darkhold, the powerful and corruptive Book of the Damned. When her copy was destroyed by one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Wanda and a captured Wong travel to Mount Wundagore, the site where the original Darkhold was carved in stone.


The Multiverse & MCU References

The Marvel Universe as a source of chaos magic is showcased in Doctor Strange 2, there’s much more it’s known for with connections to other important characters. For example, the dark mountain carries a significant tie to the heavily rumored villain for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Here’s the history of Mount Wundagore in the comics, and the potential roles it could play in the MCU’s future. Movies

Mount Wundagore In Marvel Comics Explained, the primary role of Mount Wundagore in ancient history was that it housed the chamber known as the Darque Hold, the place where the Elder God of Chaos, Chthon, inscribed his knowledge and created the Darkhold seen in the comics and MCU. However, Wundagore would also become Chthon’s prison when the Sorceress Morgan le Fay and her cult summoned the dark Elder God, worshipping the Darkhold but being unable to control the God of Chaos. In the modern era, Mount Wundagore would be the site where a woman named Magda gave birth to twins named Pietro and Wanda, the latter of which was given intense magical abilities from Chthon himself, making her the Scarlet Witch. Years later when Wanda reached adulthood, Wundagore would be a place of refuge after the Scarlet Witch’s breakdown during the iconic House of M storyline (coming shortly after the deaths of Vision and their children). Streaming

Mount Wundagore In Doctor Strange 2 Explained, the MCU has its differences from the one in the comics, the core beats concerning the Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold are still present. Rather than simply being the place where Chthon wrote the Book of the Damned, the very walls of the castle carry the Darkhold’s secrets which where were etched in stone by the First Demon (according to Wong). Furthermore, Wundagore doesn’t appear to be the birthplace of Wanda Maximoff (as that was likely Sokovia), but it is presented as the throne of the Scarlet Witch, carrying an equal amount of personal significance. It should also be noted that the living stone guardians who emerge to serve Wanda look like the comic book depictions of Chthon himself. Online

Wundagore Can Connect To Scarlet Witch’s MCU Future, Wundagore has played a rather important role in the many retcons Scarlet Witch has received in the comics, especially in terms of her mutant status. Believing for years that she and her brother were the children of Magneto, it was revealed (around the time of their MCU debut in 2015) that they were not mutants and that their power came from secret augmentation when they were children living near Wundagore (though much of Wanda’s power still came from Chthon). While Scarlet Witch seemingly died destroying the Darkhold castle at the end of Doctor Strange 2, it’s possible she may have survived. Perhaps Wundagore could be the backdrop for an MCU rebirth and realignment of the Scarlet Witch, one where Wanda attempts to redeem herself as she’s worked so hard to do in the comics following House of M where she nearly wiped out mutantkind. It’s also possible that Wundagore was indeed Chthon’s prison as it was in the comics, and he’s since been freed following the castle’s destruction. Italian

MCU version of Mount Wundagore carries many resemblances to the one in the comics, even if its only purpose was to house the original Darkhhold and carry connections to the Scarlet Witch. Mount Wundagore has ties to many other characters such as Werewolf by Night, Spider-Woman, and most importantly the High Evolutionary, all of whom have been heavily rumored to have upcoming MCU debuts. For example, The High Evolutionary is rumored to be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as its main villain. A geneticist obsessed with hyper-evolution, the High Evolutionary succeeded in evolving animals into intelligent humanoid lifeforms. Facing criticism from the rest of the world, the villain moved his experiments to none other than Mount Wundagore, turning it into his home and base of operations. As such, he’s the one who experimented on Pietro and Wanda when they were children, unlocking their powers and Wanda’s latent magical powers from Chthon.

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