Do You Know The Rules Of The Seduction Game

Seducing women is a game. And as any game, there are rules to be followed. But most of us dont know how to play the rules because we dont know them. We try to make our own rules and always succeed to fail. Its time for you to learn the real and effective rules in the seduction game. In this article i will show you some simple guidelines for you to follow that will definitly improve your game. Never quit learning.

Be Positive: I cant really stress the importance of this. Be the person that people enjoy being next to. Be fun and positive and women will love to stay next to you. And by being positive you automatically being confident. And confidence is everything for man when the subject is seduction. If you are not feeling confident, observe your thoughts and you will quickly realise that you are being negative to yourself. You cant be positive and not feel confident at the same time. So be your best friend, not your worst enemy.

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Never Quit Learning: This is very important also. If you want to become a master seducer, you must acquire all the knowledge you can get. Search through the internet and invest in books. Knowledge is power. To play this game you must know the rules, and some guys already know how to play the rules of this game so go on and acquire all the knowledge on the subject that you can get.

Be Prepared To Accept Rejection: Dont make a big deal about it. Even master seducers get rejected. Its just part of the game. Learn how to deal with it and move on. If you are confident enough you wont even care with rejections anymore, because there are billions of women on the planet just waiting to date with you. Shame on the women that have lost the opportunity to know you better.

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Make A Plan: In everything in life we need a plan. If you gave a plan you a preparing to fail. Just make a simple plan and put it somewhere where you can read it everyday and motivate yourself to pursuit your goals and stick to it.

Be Consistent: After you have made your plan, you must follow it. You must follow your plan daily and set deadlines. Dont procrastinate. If you want to become a master seducer this is a must. Dont be like the other frustrated chumps and to your homework.

These are the guidelines that i follow when i want to date women. And i know that they work because i use them everyday in my seduction game. They may sound simple but its very effective. Stick to these guidelines and you will succeed.