Do these 4 things to stream movies smoothly without buffering

Streaming movies is a favorite activity of today’s generation, through smartphones or laptops. In addition to being effective in getting rid of boredom at home or at work, we are also free to choose film genres, from action films to dramas, Indonesian, Korean, European, and Hollywood films. Users can pause or resume the movie at any time, no need to rush to the end.

No wonder there are many movie streaming applications from free to paid ones such as Viu, Iflix, to Unfortunately, buffering is often a problem when you’re having fun watching. At first, watching a movie, I wanted to refresh, but it fell apart and turned around to be annoyed myself. To solve this problem, then you must know how to stream movies effectively without buffering.

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1. Pay Attention to Internet Connection

The first thing you need to check is the internet connection. Use an internet connection or a provider that already supports 4G LTE networks or use a Wi-Fi network. If the signal is not perfect, please understand if there are problems at any time. By knowing this early then you will not be easily annoyed.

2. Clear cache that has accumulated

The presence of cache can actually improve application performance, but if left too much and accumulate, the cache will take up storage space on the smartphone device. This makes the performance of the phone slower and also affects applications such as streaming movies.

Therefore, don’t forget to clean the cache regularly so that buffering problems can be minimized. You can delete it through the settings menu on device maintenance or data management applications available on smartphones.

3. Delete or stop unused applications

Too many applications on smartphones apparently affect the quality of the internet network. Applications that run automatically in the background system cause bandwidth sharing so that it slows down your internet connection when you stream movies.

In order to avoid buffering when streaming movies, you should delete or stop unused applications and widgets.

4. Adjust streaming video quality

Movie streaming apps or services have features to save internet data by reducing streaming quality. The lower the video quality, the faster the buffering problem can be resolved.

Set low video quality from 144p, 240p, 360p and 480p. If the internet connection is good again and the buffering is resolved, you can increase the video quality to 720p or 1080p so that the image can be clearer.

There are many movies available for streaming, such as: Venom 2 stream, Keine Zeit zu sterben film stream, Halloween Kills film and Contra stream online.

Well, that’s a row of tips and tricks to stream movies smoothly without needing too long buffering. Use quality and legal streaming applications, so that you are protected from harmful malware that can damage gadget devices.

Watching movies is one of the fun things, especially if you have a legal movie streaming application that will definitely make our weekends more exciting.

People spend their weekends watching movies. In the pre-pandemic era we could go to the cinema to watch a movie with our loved ones.

But because of this pandemic, watching movies in cinemas is still limited. Finally we can only do that at home.

But don’t worry because currently there are lots of legal movie streaming applications that can be downloaded via our smartphones.

Watching movies becomes easier just in our hands. Want more fun? We can connect to the TV too.

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