Disney Character Alberto Scorfano in Luca Film

Disney Character Alberto Scorfano in Luca Film

mugendaily.club: Alberto Scorfano is the deuteragonist of the 2021 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Luca. He is a sea monster that lives on Isola del Mare, an Italian island, with no parental guardian. Alberto helps Luca escape to Portorosso and enter the Portorosso Cup so they can buy a Vespa and see the world together.

Official Description
Alberto Scorfano is an independent, free-spirited 14-year-old sea monster with unbridled enthusiasm for the human world. Expressive and gregarious, he is all about having fun, so inviting a fellow sea monster to hang out above the surface is a no-brainer for Alberto. Besides, Luca is the perfect audience for Alberto’s vast – albeit questionable – knowledge of all things human.

Alberto proudly prizes his knowledge of the human world and, in being alone for so many days in the lighthouse, was instantly eager to share it all with Luca. He rarely takes things seriously and is all about having fun, a trait that stays solid within him throughout the entire film. One of his dreams was to ride a Vespa, a special scooter depicted in a poster he had collected and stored in his home.

After meeting Luca, Alberto insisted on taking the lead. Having an opportunity at making a friend gave him the chance to tell the younger sea monster everything he knew about the humans, despite Luca’s dislike of being told what to do. Seeing Luca and Giulia bonding over common interests made Alberto feel downcast as he didn’t want to lose Luca, who was his only friend. This was because Alberto’s family abandoned him as a child after believing he was old enough to live on his own. The isolation led him to feel incredibly lonely, to the point where he can become possessive and angry at people, believing they will leave him and will be alone again if he doesn’t keep them close.

By the end of the movie, however, he is more considerate of Luca and even sells the Vespa he’s always dreamed of having to give Luca a ticket to Genoa. He formed a close bond to Massimo, who becomes a surrogate father figure to him, and was willing to stay in Portorosso with him while Luca could be happy in Genoa going to school with Giulia.

Physical appearance
In human form, Alberto is slender and muscular with tan skin and light freckles, bright green eyes, and curly, golden-brown hair that is styled tall and has a cowlick. He wears a yellow tank top with brown shorts held up with a rope, and is barefoot all the time.

In sea monster form, Alberto has periwinkle scales, sharp teeth, and purple “hair”. His eyes are still green, but they have light yellow-green sclera and oval shaped pupils. He also has a long tail with purple caudal fins, however, his fins are noticeably sharper and more angular than Luca’s.

Alberto has a scar on his upper left arm, presumably by a harpoon. In human form it’s a barely noticeable pale marking, while in his sea monster form it appears as a cut.

During a fishing trip with two fishermen, talking about the existence of sea monsters, Alberto sneaks up on them and starts taking various objects that they have. Once one of the fishermen spot Alberto, and he tries to escape but catches himself in a net. He eventually manages to escape as the fishermen throw a harpoon at him, but misses.

When going to get the objects that have sunk from the boat incident, he plays a prank on a young sea monster named Luca Paguro by wearing a diving suit and scaring him. Once proving to be a sea monster like him, Alberto resumes collecting the objects, and soon brings Luca up to the surface, and he gets mesmerized by the surroundings but immediately leaves to his concern.

Alberto later meets Luca when he convinces himself to go back to the surface, and give him a small lesson on walking before showing him the great offers of the surface, and then his hideout. Alberto then introduces the Vespa, explaining that it is a vehicle that can take you anywhere, and Luca suggests that they should make one. They spend a couple of hours on it before Luca returns home.

The next day, Alberto gets the Vespa down from the tower (by pushing it down and reassembling it) and gets Luca to hold the ramp while he rides it. However, the Vespa ends up breaking in the process, as Alberto and Luca spend the next couple of days rebuilding it. Alberto then convinces Luca to ride it down with him, but he’s scared, to which he tells him to say “Silenzio, Bruno!” to cancel the negative thoughts in his head, giving Luca the confidence to ride it down the ramp with him. Later at night, Alberto tells Luca the stars are anchovies that go there to sleep and tells him a bit about the human town. This soon causes Luca to overstay at the island.

After Luca tells Alberto that his parents will send him to the deep, Alberto convinces him to hide away in the human town and ask “Signor Vespa” to build them a Vespa, so they can see the world together. They soon sneak into the town, amazed by their surrounding, but soon get disrupted by a self-absorbed teen named Ercole Visconti when Luca almost damaged his Vespa by kicking a ball. Ercole starts to mock and bully them until a local fish delivery girl named Giulia Marcovaldo comes in and saves them. Giulia tells them that “underdogs” have to look out for each other, and also explains that she wants to compete in the Portorosso Cup to take down Ercole. Alberto seems uninterested in working with her, but Luca seems interested, and they soon learn that the prize is money, which they can transfer into a cheap Vespa. So with Alberto claiming that they’re runaways, Giulia teams up with them and takes them into her home where they have dinner with her father, who is a one-armed fisherman and sea monster hunter. While his cat, Machiavelli, catches them in their true form at one point and grows suspicious of them. With Massimo conflicted on letting Giulia compete in the race, due to her past experience and the lack of money they have, Luca and Alberto offer to help him with fishing, to which he agrees, as Giulia lets them stay in her treehouse.

In the morning, Luca and Alberto accidentally revert to their sea monster forms due to it raining last night, where they almost got caught by Giulia and Massimo but manage to get away with it. They then go fishing with Massimo where Alberto learns that he was born with one arm. They manage to get a load of fish in their net which leads them to go sign up at the booth, where Ercole comes in and takes the money off Giulia. Luca gives Giulia words to insult Ercole which leads him to buckle and encourage them to enter so that he can beat them. Alberto takes eating pasta, where he has to eat multiple kinds of pasta with a fork, and assists Luca and Giulia on their training. During Giulia’s training, Ercole comes in and almost crashes into them intentionally but leads to Alberto getting splashed with water, where he almost gets caught as a sea monster. While this happens, Massimo soon takes an interest in Alberto and takes him on various fish outings, forming a father-like bond with him.

Over time, the trio begin training for the race, with Giulia as the coach. As they do, Luca begins becoming more interested in school. Alberto leaves briefly to help Massimo bring in the nets one night. During that timeframe, Giulia begins showing Luca things like the solar system via a telescope. Alberto catches them talking and laughing about it. Alberto tells Luca that he’s been looking for him and it’s time to leave. Luca says he is going. Giulia then gifts one of her books to Luca. As Luca thanks her, Alberto appears at the window again, saying Luca’s name in a more demanding tone. Alberto then glares at Giulia. He then leaves frustrated, much to Luca’s shock.

Alberto says he wants to show Luca something. Luca begins explaining that the “fish” are actually stars. Alberto coldly disagrees, however. They both stare in awe at the Vespa, as Alberto pulls out his Vespa drawing, only with more things added to it like gelato, pasta and an umbrella. Luca says that they should add a telescope, with Alberto saying that it should be one that shoots lightning. He disagrees and goes on to explain that Giulia has a bigger one at her school, as Alberto just stares at him annoyed. Luca then proposes that they should visit Giulia at her school and maybe even attend, expressing his interest. Alberto then explains that they’re getting a Vespa to live on their own and asks Luca what he thinks will happen when people find out he is a sea monster. Ercole then shows up out of nowhere, commenting that something’s fishy about them and that they’re hiding something. Alberto steps Luca behind him as he tries to come up with an excuse to leave. Ercole has Ciccio and Guido grab Alberto. Ercole then proceeds to punch Alberto in the stomach, making Alberto wince in pain and cough. Eventually, Alberto breaks Ciccio and Guido’s grip and stares at Ercole coldly as he tells both of the boys to leave. They run right back to Giulia’s house.

The next morning, the training for the race intensifies. Alberto also accompanies Massimo while he fishes. He gets a scare when he sees a “sea monster” underwater. Massimo harpoons it and realizes that it’s just seaweed. Alberto sighs in relief as Massimo put his wet hand on his shoulder. His shoulder transforms partially. Alberto quickly swipes the water before Massimo could notice.

The next morning, Luca and Alberto are so tired they can’t even walk straight. Giulia introduces them to espresso coffee. They both only stick their tongues in the mugs and groan. The coffee jumpstarts them, with Alberto doing sets using Machiavelli. Later that night at dinner, Alberto has trouble eating pasta with a fork. Massimo shows him how. Alberto tries and succeeds. He tries to show Luca his accomplishment, but sees Luca is busy reading a zoology book with Giulia. Alberto angrily eats his pasta on his fork, jealousy beginning to fill him.

The next day, as Giulia trains Luca for his part in the race with cycling, they have a brief run in with his parents. Giulia and Alberto sit on the back of the bike. Luca, to avoid his parents, takes a different path. Giulia asks Alberto why he isn’t training. Alberto pulls out pasta from his pocket, shoves it in his mouth, and says he is always training. The trio make it to the top. Giulia notices the train and explains it takes her to Genova, with Luca asking if it goes to her school, with Alberto scoffing at the question. Alberto then redirects Luca’s attention to the race, proclaiming they won’t go anywhere if they don’t win. Luca is scared but when Giulia tries to coach him on how to go down the hill, Alberto tells her to stop bossing him around, saying that he knows what he needs since he’s his friend. Then Alberto takes charge of the bike, saying that Luca needs him and begins cascading down the hill at a dangerous speed. Luca keeps pleading Alberto to halt the bike, but Alberto refuses, making Luca think that it’s “Bruno” telling him that. The two race down the hill and they hit a metal gate. Luca and Alberto plunge into the ocean. Giulia catches up and begins calling for Alberto and Luca, afraid of what could’ve happened to them. Meanwhile, underwater, Luca and Alberto, back in their sea monster forms, hide behind two big rocks to avoid being seen by her. Luca then tells Alberto to leave before she sees them. Alberto follows Luca.

Alberto and Luca wash up on shore. Luca is obviously discontent, as Alberto begins explaining that he was showing him how to do it the correct way. Luca says that Alberto doesn’t know how to do it the right way and all he did was crash them into the ocean. Alberto reassures Luca, telling him everything is fine. Luca, panicked, begins explaining that his parents saw him. Alberto tells Luca that his parents aren’t around and that the town was starting to make him crazy. Alberto goes on to tell Luca that they just need the Vespa and they be out of the town, while putting his hand on Luca’s shoulder. Luca slaps his hand away and tells Alberto that it won’t be any different. Luca then tells Alberto what he really wants; he wants to go to school like Giulia. Alberto is shocked. He resists but Luca says that he’s just too afraid. Alberto shoves Luca and the two get into a fight as Giulia approaches them, explaining she’s happy they’re safe and hugs them both. However, Alberto and Luca break off and don’t look at each other since they’re still mad at each other. Giulia notices something is wrong, so she playfully scratches Alberto’s head, which results in him growling at her. Luca then asks Giulia if they can go to school with her. Giulia is delighted as Luca says the greeting Alberto taught him. Alberto then makes a desperate attempt to keep his friend with him. As casually as he can, Alberto brings up the question if Giulia’s school accepts everyone, even to those that aren’t human. Luca notices was Alberto is after and says his name, signaling him to stop. Alberto doesn’t and further asks if some students were sea monsters and states that he doubts the school would accept sea monsters. Luca stops Alberto and says that it was a very good “joke.” Alberto says that it is very hard to imagine, so he’ll just show them. He dives into the water. Giulia approaches Alberto, as Luca tells her to wait. Alberto is face down in the water. Giulia comes near, telling him to quit goofing around as she grabs his arm. As she does, she notices that Alberto’s arm is different, periwinkle and scaled like a fish. Giulia screams and backs up, whimpering, as Alberto rises up from the water, menacingly, crouched with claws ready to attack, fully transformed into his true sea monster self. Giulia screams for help and pleads for him not to hurt them. Alberto tells Luca to see, telling him that he knew that this scenario would happen. Luca, unwilling to give himself up, yells “sea monster” while pointing at Alberto. Alberto gasps and says Luca’s name, sadly. Giulia then grabs a stick and points it at Alberto, telling him to stay back. Alberto backs up as Ercole, Ciccio and Guido run towards the shoreline with harpoons. That’s when Alberto retreats into the water. They throw their harpoons. Luca watches, horrified, as each of the harpoons all miss Alberto. Alberto turns around one last time to see Luca. Heartbroken and betrayed, Alberto disappears in a wave.

Alberto retreats back into his hideout, where at some point trashes the place and destroying all his prised possessions, including his drawing that he cared about so much and even the Vespa poster, which hid his marks of abandonment. After a few hours of staying there, Luca eventually comes back to apologise. Alberto, still upset at Luca’s betrayal, tells Luca coldly to leave him alone, Which leads to Luca finding out about the wall markings. Luca then asks about the wall markings, to which Alberto explains that his father had left. The marks being the amount of days he left, in hope he would come back, but he never did. Therefore, he begins to realise that his dad was better off without him, including Luca. Alberto, with tears in his eyes, states that Luca is always the good kid everyone loves and all he does is ruin everything. And despite Luca’s comfort with the reminder of “Silenzio, Bruno!” and the dream of having a Vespa, Alberto angrily tells him to drop it, adding in that they should’ve never become friends in the first place. Luca then leaves him alone and re-enacts when Alberto showed him gravity, by jumping off into the tree. Alberto asks what he’s doing, with Luca responding that he was going to fix everything.

It is now the day of the race. Luca, makes it through the swimming part of the race, using Alberto’s tactic with the old-fashioned swimming gear to avoid transforming into his sea monster form in the water. He gets past this without any suspicion and begins the pasta eating segment of the race, the segment Alberto was supposed to do. Luca manages to finish and eats his pasta, then begins the bike riding segment as he hops on and pedals his bike. Thunder is heard as clouds begin to cover the sky. Soon enough, it begins to rain. Luca is stuck under an awning in the rain. As he looks on, he hears his name called in the distance and notices a blue umbrella in the rain. The person lifts the umbrella, and it is revealed to be Alberto, running back for Luca. Luca is happy to see his friend. Ercole pesters Luca, but when Alberto catches his attention, he kicks him in the cheek, causing his umbrella to go flying. Alberto, soaked in the rain, transforms back into his sea monster self. Ercole immediately stops, screaming “sea monster.” Alberto looks up as people scream in fear and a mother picks up her child. Not wanting Luca to come and risk himself getting caught too, Alberto tells Luca to stay right where he is, and that he’s still okay. Alberto then starts screaming happily while flailing his arms around, running towards Ercole. Ercole throws a net over Alberto and he falls hard on the ground. The people gasp. Ercole begins getting a harpoon, readying himself to land the fatal blow and kill Alberto. Luca, angered by what they did to Alberto and seeing his friend helpless, races towards him in the rain, transforming in front of everyone into his sea monster self. Everyone turns and Alberto lifts the net up his face as Luca gut wrenchingly reaches for Alberto’s hand. Alberto reaches for Luca and the two manage to hold each other. Luca manages to land Alberto on his bike. The two ride through town. Ercole catches up to them, harpoon in hand, screaming that he was going to kill him self some sea monsters, while laughing evilly. Giulia, who is right behind Ercole rams her bike into Ercole’s, knocking him and her off their bikes. Luca and Alberto notice. Alberto yells Giulia’s name as Luca halts the bike. They both run to her, with Giulia’s dad getting a harpoon to kill the sea monsters. However, as he gets nearer to them, he notices that their faces aren’t unfamiliar to him. Massimo notices that the sea monsters he was readying to kill were actually Luca and Alberto. Everyone surrounds them with harpoons. Ercole comes out of nowhere saying he saw them first so he gets to kill them. Luca firmly states that he’s not afraid of them, with Alberto stiffening up in response. Ercole says that they might not be afraid, but that the people are afraid, horrified and disgusted by Luca and Alberto because they are “monsters.” Giulia screams to stop and that they are not monsters, with Ercole asking who they are then. Massimo comes out, claiming he knows. He looks at the kids, first at Luca, then at his daughter, and then Alberto, before proclaiming them as Luca and Alberto and the winners of the race. Ercole says that they can’t have won, saying that they aren’t people. Massimo has Signora Marssegliese determine if so or not. The bike that Luca and Alberto abandoned is across the finish line. She proclaims that technically and legally, they won. The trio look at each other, happy, as Ercole says that it doesn’t matter and they’re sea monsters. Fisherman get close with harpoons. However, Massimo comes behind the trio, causing everyone to drop their harpoons. As Ercole stares in disbelief, Luca, Alberto and Giulia grab and destroy his harpoon. Ercole orders for Ciccio and Guido to grab him another and do something good for once in their pathetic lives. Fed up with Ercole’s abuse, Ciccio and Guido throw him and his wool sweater into the fountain. Giulia declares the reign of terror over. Luca’s parents come out and transform in front of the crowd. Daniela loads on Luca saying that he had them scared, but he did so well in the race, saying that she’s so happy but still mad at him for sneaking off. In the end, Daniela cries, relieved that her son is okay. Luca proclaims he loves her and embraces his mother, as his father hugs him. Daniela looks at Alberto and Giulia. Alberto just shrugs and doltishly smiles. Finally, the Underdogs are given their reward, a trophy as winners of the Portorosso Cup. The three begin rejoicing, happy to have won. Meanwhile, they receive applause from the crowd. Many kids begin running up to them, congratulating them. One of the kids, a little girl, gently pulls Alberto’s arm. He notices and gets down to her level. The girl then high-fives Alberto’s hand, while he smiles happily.

Later on, the three have fun on the Vespa, with Alberto messing around with the cat, Machiavelli, making it look like he’s driving. Giulia asks where they’ll go first. Alberto explains that Luca and he will stay to repair it in order for it to take them around the whole earth. Giulia says to them to not forget to pack for it, but then remembers she forgot to pack to go to school, where Luca sadly stated that she’ll learn so much. Alberto listens quietly. Giulia says that she’ll lend Luca some books, Luca excited to hear so. As Luca and Giulia leave, Alberto looks down at the Vespa and smiles. He then follows Luca and Giulia.

It is now time for Giulia to leave. Giulia states how she’s amazed that they actually won the race. Alberto tells her that maybe they can race next summer. Giulia then says that maybe they can just have some fun. She hugs the boys. Luca and Alberto hug her goodbye. After a final goodbye, Giulia boards the train. Luca then asks Alberto if he’s ready to fix the Vespa, but Alberto says that he has sold it while handing Luca a train ticket. Luca’s family come and they tell Luca that if he writes to them every day and stays safer than safe, he can go to school. It was revealed that Alberto talked them into it, and according to Luca’s grandmother, it wasn’t easy to persuade them. Luca happily accepts, telling Alberto to come, but Alberto isn’t going. He tells Luca that it was the only ticket he could buy and that Massimo wants him to stay behind and help with fish, probably even move in. Luca is unsure, saying he can’t do it without him. Alberto says that he already has been doing it and hands Luca the Vespa drawing they made, taped back together. Alberto tells Luca that whenever he jumps off a cliff or tells Bruno to stop bothering him, that will be him. Luca asks Alberto how he’ll know he’s okay. Alberto has no answer. Instead, he hugs Luca as tears stream down his face. Alberto comforts Luca, telling him that he got him off the island, and he’ll be okay. Luca boards the train. Alberto then says the greeting he taught him one last time. Luca asks what it seriously means, and Alberto tells Luca he doesn’t know and to find out for him. They both hold hands as the train departs. They eventually let go. Alberto follows the train, running, and as he makes it into the rain, he transforms. Alberto begins screaming and cheering for Luca, waving goodbye with his hat to his best friend.

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