DC’s Most Underrated Powerhouse for Superman’s Dog Krypto

A new preview for Son of Kal-El, Superman’s dog Krypto proves he’s far more than just a cut pet and mascot. He’s a powerhouse all his own. A new issue of DC’s Superman: Son of Kal-El reminds readers that Krypto the Super-Dog truly is super, being far more than a simple pet or mascot in the DC Universe. While Krypto’s appearances are few and far between in DC Comics, the superpowered canine makes his return in the latest issue of Son of Kal-El. He also proves himself to be an underrated powerhouse (much to the chagrin of Batman himself).

Previously in Son of Kal-El, Jon Kent has become the new Superman of Earth while his father has been in space fighting the alien warlord Mongul. During this time, the new Superman has gained his own nemesis in the form of corrupt Gamorran president Henry Bendix who’s been creating an army of controllable metahumans while working to discredit the young Man of Steel. This has also included an attack on Superman’s mother Lois Lane and his grandparents, resulting in Batman and the Justice League moving Ma and Pa Kent to a secure bunker that’s far more defensible and less exposed than the Kent Farm. However, an unexpected visitor absolutely obliterates the Justice League’s multi-million dollar defenses as seen in Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 from Tom Taylor and Cian Tormey. Blowing past the bunker’s shields and automated security drones, Batman can’t be faulted for thinking that some major threat is arriving to harm the Kents in order to hurt Superman. However, it turns out that the incredibly powerful force is none other than Krypto the Super-Dog who’s just as loyal to Jon as he is to the original Man of Steel.

Justice League’s safe house is meant to withstand the biggest and baddest the DC Universe has to offer, Kryptonian powers are still Kryptonian powers (even if the wielder walks on four legs instead of two). While this scene on its own proves that Krypto is one of the most powerful beings in DC Comics, the issue teases that the Super-Dog is just getting started. He may even help Superman take on Lex Luthor (who’s been working with Bendix in secret). At any rate, it’se really exciting to see Krypto in action alongside DC’s new Superman, effectively doubling up on the superpowers as Jon nears his final reckoning with Bendix and his army of metahumans. Here’s hoping Superman and his dynamic doggo have what it takes. Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 is available now.

Can’t Survive Without Grey’s Anatomy Says Ellen Pompeo,Star – Former Grey’s Anatomy series regular Jesse Williams expresses doubt that the show could live on without star Ellen Pompeo, calling it “unlikely.” Former Grey’s Anatomy series regular Jesse Williams reveals that he doesn’t think the show can survive without star Ellen Pompeo. First airing in 2005 on ABC, Grey’s Anatomy, which is created by Shonda Rhimes, has gone on to become one of the network’s most consistently popular shows. The medical drama just recently concluded its 18th season, continuing the story of Dr. Meredith Grey (Pompeo) and the group of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Despite continued popularity, it has long been rumored that Pompeo’s time on the show could be coming to an end. Talk of Pompeo’s departure has resulted in many postulating that season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy could be its last, although this hasn’t been confirmed one way or another. Having now been on the air for close to 20 years, a number of cast members have come and gone over the course of Grey’s Anatomy’s 18 seasons, with previous stars including Sandra Oh, Greg Germann, Giacomo Gianniotti, Katherine Heigl, Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane, and Williams, who left the show last year.

A central question of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 was whether Dr. Grey would stay at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, with the finale ultimately revealing the character’s decision to stay in Seattle. While this is good news for Grey’s Anatomy fans hoping to see more of Pompeo’s character in season 19, it doesn’t necessarily lay to rest whether the star will be leaving the show in the future. It’s unclear if Grey’s Anatomy will continue beyond its 19th season but it’s clear that, if the show were to push on without Pompeo, Williams doesn’t think it would work. There aren’t many original cast members left on Grey’s Anatomy and, without its titular character, it does seem unlikely that the show would be able to please fans. Despite having now run for 18 seasons, the show continues to present interesting new dilemmas for Grey to deal with and Pompeo’s performance and charisma remain high points of the series. It remains to be seen whether Grey’s Anatomy will end with season 19 or if it will continue beyond that potentially without its star, but at least one former series regular doesn’t have much hope for a version of the series that doesn’t include Pompeo, a sentiment likely to be shared by longtime fans of the show.

Marvel & DC Fan Casting to Reacts Miles Teller

Miles Teller reacts to Marvel and DC fan casting placing him in the roles of Green Lantern and Nova, expressing an interest in playing both. Though his first effort in the genre didn’t go well, Miles Teller is ready to return to the world of superheroes and has responded to fan casting of Green Lantern and Nova. Teller, best known for his breakout performance in Whiplash and more recently in the long-gestating Top Gun: Maverick, previously tried his hand at the superhero field with 2015’s Fantastic Four movie reboot. The film was an infamous critical and commercial flop amidst various creative differences between director Josh Trank, co-writer Jeremy Slater and studio 20th Century Fox.

Green Lantern has similarly seen a troubled history on the big screen, beginning with the Ryan Reynolds-led 2011 movie, which underperformed at the box office and was poorly received by critics and audiences alike, leading to the cancellation of plans for multiple sequels. Zack Snyder would begin laying the groundwork for a Green Lantern to appear in the DC Extended Universe with Justice League, with a flashback revealing the existence of multiple Lanterns and filming a cameo with Wayne T. Carr playing the John Stewart incarnation for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, though this was cut by Warner Bros. due to future plans for the character. With Green Lantern’s future looking bright at the studio, one star is eager to get in on the cosmic adventures.

Teller’s discussion of wanting to appear in a Green Lantern or Nova project comes as DC and Marvel have various projects involving both characters in the works for their comic book franchises. A Green Lantern Corps movie has languished in development hell for over six years for the DC Extended Universe, though is reportedly set to find new life as the HBO Max Green Lantern series will tie in to the film and is reportedly slated for a 2023 release. Marvel recently confirmed development on a Nova-centric project set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Moon Knight alum Sabir Pirzada, which is reportedly being developed as a Disney+ limited series. This isn’t the first time Miles Teller has expressed his interest in returning to the superhero genre, having similarly shared his love for comic book characters and fans this past May. While HBO Max’s Green Lantern series is stocked up on its cast, there are a number of Lanterns not yet cast for the DCEU, most notably Hal Jordan, and the early stages of Nova’s development leave the door wide open for Teller or any other star to fill in as the Marvel hero. In the meantime, audiences can catch up with Teller’s acclaimed work in Top Gun: Maverick in theaters now.

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