Daniel Craig is heavily criticized as Bond

Casting Director James Bond Feels Sorry for Daniel Craig. Casting director for the James Bond film, Debbie McWilliams, expressed her pity for actor Daniel Craig. The reason, Craig has faced various criticisms for his role in the James Bond film.

McWilliams has established himself as a quiet, but significant work in the James Bond franchise for more than three decades. McWilliams was the casting director responsible for recruiting legendary actors, including Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan to play Bond before Craig stepped into the role.

With Keine zeit zu sterbenbeing film stream Craig’s last appearance as a savvy MI6 agent, the question of who McWilliams will recruit to be the next Bond is sure to create quite a buzz.

No Time to Die is the 25th and longest-running Bond film. This is Craig’s 5th appearance as well as Craig’s last appearance as a spy in the film. His first film as Bond in Casino Royale was a huge success and reignited widespread interest in the Bond franchise.

In addition, Skyfall scored big at the box office by grossing 1.109 billion US dollars (Rp 15.7 trillion) worldwide. Skyfall is widely regarded as one of the best 007 films of all time, it’s hard to imagine how Bond’s actor Craig was ever so heavily criticized.

But it’s safe to say that any actor who steps into the position of portraying the legendary Bond is bound to face nostalgic scrutiny. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, McWilliams said he felt sorry for Craig after his casting announcement caused a strong backlash from the press.

He described the press response as overwhelmingly negative, after critics said Craig’s shorter stature, blond hair and athletic abilities led some to think the actor could not fulfill the iconic role. “The press response was terrible and I feel really sorry for him, but in a funny way I think it almost prompted him to do his best to prove everyone wrong,” he said.

For 15 years, Craig has managed to prove to audiences that he is more than capable of playing Bond. “Craig was a tough act to follow,” said McWilliams.

He said that throughout filming there were negative comments about Craig including “he can’t walk and talk, he can’t run, and he can’t drive a car properly”.

“So many things that just weren’t true. He (Craig) had his head down, continued to work. After the movie came out and everyone was like, ‘Oh wow, we think we really like it’,” explained McWilliams.

No Time to Die and Venom 2 online was the first big-budget blockbuster to be postponed due to preventing the spread of Covid-19. With its original release date of November 2019, the film has officially been delayed for approximately two years.

The delay is the longest audiences have had to wait for the Hollywood film’s delayed premiere so far. No Time to Die was originally postponed to February 2020 and then moved to April 2020 following the departure of director Danny Boyle.

In October 2020, the film was postponed again to April 2021. The film was rescheduled once again to a premiere date of October 8, 2021 alongside Venom 2 film online and Titane online cz.

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