Could Wolverine Appear in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Could Wolverine Appear in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Wolverine is a Marvel character whose name is now a hot topic among fans. This can happen because recently Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds shared a video confirming that Hugh Jackman’s watching films Wolverine will return. Not only that, Wolverine will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Deadpool 3. Now, many fans are curious, how long will Jackman’s version of Wolverine last in the MCU films?

In the video, Reynolds only invites Jackman to reprise Wolverine’s role “once again,” in Deadpool 3. Even though fans really hope his character will stay in the MCU, not only in the third film, Merc With a Mouth. Fortunately, Marvel Studios itself has introduced the concept of the multiverse long ago. Where that can at least guarantee the fate of Jackman’s version of Wolverine, regardless of whether he will die or survive in Deadpool 3.

Even more interesting, with the existence of this multiverse, Marvel Studios has indirectly set the stage for Wolverine and even the X-Men as a whole. Especially through the upcoming crossover film, namely Avengers: Secret Wars, which will be the closing story of The Multiverse Saga in the MCU. How could that be? Before discussing the theory further, let’s first identify what the ‘Secret Wars’ story in Marvel Comics looks like.

Secret Wars Destroys and Unites the Multiverse

Secret Wars (2015) is one of the most popular Marvel Universe stories among fans. The story itself takes place after the Marvel multiverse is told to be destroyed by the Incursion event. Incursion itself is a multiverse disaster, where all the Marvel universes collide with each other, until finally there is nothing left. Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic themselves started the story of Secret Wars with the appearance of Doctor Doom who used all his cosmic powers to create the planet Battleworld from the ‘shards’ of various universes.

As the name implies, the planet Battleworld itself eventually becomes a battle royale arena for superheroes and supervillains from the multiverse. Generally because they don’t like Doom’s tyrannical leadership. On the other hand, Doom also recruits a number of variant characters from the multiverse to secure his power. Among the characters who no longer remember their origins, it turns out that there is a character who still remembers his own universe. He is Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe trying to remind everyone of his origins.

Long story short, after the Secret Wars battle ended with the defeat of Doom, Miles also failed to restore the Ultimate Universe. Instead, as reality recovers, Miles and the rest of the characters are transported to the main Marvel universe. That’s why Miles is now active as Spider-Man on Earth-616 alongside other major Marvel characters, including Spider-Man Peter Parker, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, and so on. It is this story that Marvel Studios might use as a reference for the Avengers: Secret Wars film, in which Wolverine will take on the role of Miles.

Could Wolverine Appear in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Given that the film will only be released in 2025, until this moment it has not been revealed what the plot of Avengers: Secret Wars will be. However, if it is true that the story will adapt what happened in the comics, it is not impossible that Wolverine will return with variant characters from the multiverse. Including those who previously appeared in the What If…? series, Doctor Strange 2, maybe even the X-Men from the Fox-Verse. It is at this point that the emergence of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will be vital to the Secret Wars story in the MCU.

In the future Wolverine could play a role like Miles Morales in the comics, where he will be the only character who still remembers his origins. With all his memories and powers remaining, Wolverine will try to remind others of their original universe. If you’re lucky, maybe Wolverine will eventually meet the X-Men members from Fox Verse. However, because the universe has been destroyed and cannot be restored at the end of Avengers: Secret Wars, Wolverine and the X-Men from Fox Verse will be permanently ‘transferred to the main MCU universe’.

With the theory about Wolverine in Avengers: Secret Wars, in the future Marvel will no longer need to introduce mutants. Because they already have their own origins in Fox Verse, and then they just have to continue their lives in the main universe of the MCU. What do you think about this theory, geeks? Whatever happens later, it’s clear that generally we all hope that Jackman’s Wolverine will stay in the MCU after Deadpool 3.

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