Costumes Halloween obsessed family shows off their elaborate

This family takes Halloween to the next level for the last six years, the St. Laurent family, from Indianapolis, has been dressing up in elaborate, handmade costumes, according to SWNS.

Their costumes have included the Addams Family, characters from the film “Beetlejuice,” characters from the 1993 film “Coneheads,” the Jetsons family, characters from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors” and the Simpsons family.

Adrienne, 39, and her husband Andy, 40, were high school sweethearts and today, they have two children, Adelyn, 14, and Tate, 11, State a casa Streaming.

We’ve loved Halloween ever since we were teenagers, but we never planned to make it such a big deal in our family,” Adrienne told SWNS.

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Their costume tradition started in 2015, when Adrienne was doing laundry, she explained to SWNS.

When Tate was four, I was doing laundry and I realized one of his shirts looked like Pugsley’s shirt from ‘The Addams Family,’” Adrienne said. “I thought it would be fun to all dress up like ‘Addams Family’ characters for that upcoming Halloween and things just took off from there.”

According to SWNS, Adrienne makes her family’s costumes from scratch, using materials from thrift shops, papier-mâché, poster board, wire hangers, felt and lots of hot glue.

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She explained that the family went to a local festival that year, where people kept “stopping us in the street saying how much they loved our costumes.”

When I told people I’d made them from scratch they were even more impressed, so we decided to go again next year dressed as something different,” Adrienne added.

According to SWNS, the St. Laurent family won prizes for their costumes at a local festival in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

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However, Adrienne said this year may be the last year the family dresses up in their elaborate costumes – but they won’t leave people disappointed.

We’ve got some amazing family memories from the past six years, but the kids are getting to that age where they’re starting to lose faith with it,” she said. “My daughter was in second grade when we started and now she’s a freshman in high school so things do feel like they’re coming to a natural end.”

We’re planning to go big this year for what could be our epic finale, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve come up with,” Adrienne added.

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Add Halloween costumes to the list of items that are hard to find this year. Parents are scrambling and coming up with creative ideas to try to get their families decked out for the spooky day. If you haven’t bought a Halloween costume yet, well, good luck. Thanks to a global supply chain slowdown, some costumes are hard to come by. So would-be Jedis (ph) and superheroes are getting creative as they search high and low for the right look, as Danielle Prieur of member station WMFE reports from Orlando.

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