Choose A Model Of Excellence

Many of us dream about financial freedom and being able to live and work anywhere in the world. Very few however realize their dream. We know that the internet offers a world of opportunities for business and learning. The amount of information can, and does, overwhelm. Where does one begin?

My experience in the field of personal development goes back to 1988. More specifically, I was drawn to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have been practicing NLP to create the type of results I want in my life. NLP is a study of excellence and how we use the language of the mind to consistently achieve the results we desire. Before we can actualize success in the physical world, we must develop the mindset for success.

An empowering belief to hold is that people have all the necessary resources within themselves. Anything someone else can do, I can do too, as long as I know how they do it internally in their mind and externally in their behavior or actions. If you are going to put your effort into modeling someone, you might as well choose a model of excellence, rather than one of mediocrity.

Imagine yourself setting out to bake a cake for the first time. Imagine how hard it is, if you had to start everything from scratch, including finding a recipe, shopping for the ingredients, putting them together in the right sequence and then baking it, when you have never ever seen or tasted that type of cake before.

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What if you have an expert to give you simple, step-by-step instructions and all the necessary ingredients are laid out in front of you? There is also a finished product there so you know what the final excellent outcome looks, sounds, feels, smells and tastes like. You just have to do the work and may be make a few decisions here and there about optional ingredients, e.g. walnuts or choc chips. You have to believe that you can produce an excellent cake, then follow instructions and work through them.

Could it be that simple in affiliate marketing in the internet world too? Yes, and you must choose a model of excellence. Find an established expert, someone who has done the hard yards and knows exactly what works and what does not. Make sure the person consistently produces successful results over time, not just a flash in the pan. Check his/her track record. Select a proven, turn-key internet marketing system which you can follow easily and which also provides prompt support if you get stuck.

There are three elements which are crucial to the profitability of an internet based business: volume of targeted traffic, effective sales copy, and efficient product or service delivery. All three elements must be working highly effectively for it to succeed. That means you need to have a good marketing system to bring prospects to your website, useful content and sales copy to convert prospects to customers, and the means to accept payment and deliver the goods or services. If you were to start from scratch, you would to ensure all parts are developed in parallel and ready to work seamlessly together.

The beauty of starting with a proven turn-key marketing system that is already linked to established products or services is that you can concentrate on learning and mastering the art of affiliate marketing, which is only one of the three elements. The other two are already taken care of. In this way, you can fast track your internet business towards being profitable and sustainable in a relatively short period of time. It makes the learning curve less steep and shorter.

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What if you passionately wanted to create an internet business based on your own original ideas? If you do not know how to market it effectively on the internet, I would strongly recommend that you sign up for proven, turn-key affiliate marketing system because you will be learning by doing. It is like being taken through a worked example in a standard textbook, except that it is not simulation; you will be earning real money while you learn. Once you have mastered it, you can plug another business into the same system and fine tune it for your new business.

It is very important that you first master the model of excellence you have chosen to emulate, by following the instructions faithfully and be fully committed to it. If you are the type of person who loves to experiment or just want to do it your way, do that after you have mastered it and you have profits flowing in. Believe that if others can, so can you. Prepare the cake mixture as per instructions, bake it in the oven, and enjoy it. You really can have your cake and eat it too.