‘Boiling Point’ Review: A One-shot Restaurant Drama Movie

Boiling Point is a 2021 British drama film directed by Philip Barantini and starring Stephen Graham. It is a one-shot film set in a restaurant kitchen. It is an expansion of a 2019 short film of the same name, also directed by Barantini and starring Graham.

Boiling Point is a film about on the busiest night of the year at one of the hottest restaurants in London, charismatic and commanding head chef Andy Jones balances along a knife’s edge as multiple personal and professional crises threaten to destroy everything he’s worked for. A surprise visit from a health and safety inspector sets the staff on edge as the overbooked hot spot fills with guests. Jones tries his best to diffuse tensions between management and crew while catering to the ridiculous demands of customers.

Bod varu Celý Film – Stephen Graham plays a commanding head chef going through personal and professional crises as he tries to keep it together in Boiling Point.

Stephen Graham (This is England) plays charismatic head chef Andy Jones at one of the most sought after restaurants in London in this gripping drama. With a 98 per cent critic rating and a 79 per cent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this home-grown one-shot drama is a definite must-see.

Boiling Point – Cast

Stephen Graham as Andy Jones
Vinette Robinson as Carly
Alice Feetham as Beth
Hannah Walters as Emily
Malachi Kirby as Tony
Izuka Hoyle as Camille
Taz Skylar as Billy
Lauryn Ajufo as Andrea
Jason Flemyng as Alastair Skye
Ray Panthaki as Freeman
Lourdes Faberes as Sara Southworth
Aine Rose Daly as Robyn

Everything seems to be going wrong on the busiest night of the year in the run-up to Christmas – a disastrous health and safety visit, double bookings, a celebrity guest and drug and alcohol abuse threaten to destroy everything Andy Jones has worked for.

Graham’s acting is, as always, incredible. From the very beginning, there is an ominous feeling that the night won’t go well for Andy as he appears to be pushed and pulled from all angles. The tense energy can be felt in the restaurant from the beginning as they prepare for one of their busiest nights contending with Andy forgetting to complete the food and drinks order the night before. Add to the pot Andy’s former boss turned celebrity chef who is less than impressed and the stew is about to boil over.

Movie Review:

Scream 5 Celý Film

Spider-Man: Bez domova  Celý Film

The audience is really transported into the stressful and intense kitchen, feeling like you are really in there with the staff with close-up over the shoulder camera shots drawing us into the narrative. The audience is immersed in the dizzying action of the kitchen where staff are juggling professional and personal issues.

This film really keeps you gripped from the start, capturing the sweat and tears that goes into running a kitchen and the dynamics between the front of house staff and the chefs running the show behind the scenes. Things come to a head when one of the chefs make a mistake with a food order that results in emergency services needing to be called causing staff to turn on each other during service – will the fancy restaurant’s facade fall down?

Boiling Point is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video now. Boiling Point is now available to rent on Neon, YouTube, Academy OnDemand, AroVision, iTunes and GooglePlay.

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