Black Lotus Could Solve 2049’s Biggest Blade Runner

The first season of the Adult Swim/Crunchyroll anime Blade Runner: Black Lotus debuted, it answered some questions raised by the film Blade Runner 2049 all while creating a whole slew of new ones that can only be answered by the continuation of the series. While it is unclear whether or not fans will get a season 2, the Blade Runner: Black Lotus saga will continue through an all-new comic book series that could solve Blade Runner 2049’s biggest problem. In Blade Runner 2049, fans are thrown into a world set more than thirty years after the events of the original Blade Runner, and a lot has happened in between those two time periods. In the original film, the most powerful corporation in the world was the Tyrell Corporation. Tyrell was responsible for creating replicants – androids who were so similar to humans that only a sophisticated test could determine if they were real people or not. At the end of Blade Runner, Tyrell himself is murdered by a replicant who went rogue, and his empire was subsequently absorbed by the Wallace Corporation. Wallace Corp took over as the only manufacturer of replicants, and in Blade Runner 2049, Wallace Corp and its owner/CEO Niander Wallace, Jr. replaces Tyrell as the main antagonist.

The upcoming Titan Books comic series Blade Runner: Black Lotus by Nancy Collins and Enid Balam, what has been revealed is that it will be a direct sequel to the anime. The anime series follows a replicant named Elle in the year 2032 who is on a quest for vengeance after learning that she and a group of other replicants were only created to be hunted for sport by a group of influential people for the sole purpose of testing out the functionality of a new model of replicants introduced for Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Her mission leads her all the way to Niander Wallace, Sr. who was, at that time, the CEO of Wallace Corp. Elle kills Wallace only to find out that his son, Niander Wallace, Jr., was the one who created her and secretly guided her through this murderous mission. While Elle ends up blinding Niander Wallace, Jr. by the end of the anime, he is still alive to cause trouble for the main characters of Blade Runner 2049 and is presumably still living during the events of the new comic series. Not only is Niander Wallace, Jr. left alive at the end of Blade Runner: Black Lotus after he is revealed to be the series antagonist, he even makes it out of Blade Runner 2049 unscathed as well. Niander Wallace, Jr. proved to be a heartless narcissist with a god complex who doesn’t pay any mind to those he has to hurt, or kill, to achieve his goals. Basically, he is a villain that needs to be brought to justice, and in a world that he has almost complete control over, he may need to be taken out for good. After everything Wallace did in both Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Blade Runner 2049, the fact that he wasn’t defeated in 2049 is a big problem for the franchise, but with the release of the Black Lotus sequel comic, Elle could rectify that situation permanently and succeed where she, and the characters of 2049, previously failed.

All fans really know about the new Blade Runner comic is that it takes place after the anime, but nothing specifies as to how much time has passed in between. Therefore, it is possible that the Blade Runner: Black Lotus comic could take place after 2049, granting Elle the narrative freedom to kill Niander without creating any major continuity issues, which would complete her revenge story arc while also fixing Blade Runner 2049’s biggest problem.