Black Clover 334 Shows Lily Transformed Into a Devil

Asta’s fate can be said to be really unfortunate at the beginning of his new story.

Not only rejected by Lily, Asta also has to fight against Lucius, the person who was formerly known as Julius, the Magic Emperor he has admired all this time. He also got two painful facts in the last moment of the duel.

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1. Asta outsmarts Devil Union mode with a partial technique

As we know, Asta’s Devil Union mode is very strong against high-level magicians.

Any magic including magic that can manipulate the laws of nature can be overcome with this mode. The problem is that the duration of the Devil Union itself is very short, only five minutes.

Fortunately, Asta himself managed to find a way to extend the duration of his use.

Instead of using it fully, Asta uses his Anti-Magic partially and focuses it on one point.

Thus, the duration increased to ten minutes.

2. Lucius is revealed to be able to purify demonic powers into holy elements

As the eldest brother of Zofree, Lucius was truly an extraordinary talent.

He is known to be not only skilled at utilizing his demonic magic power. But it also managed to purify it to a holy form.

This is quite impossible because basically the demonic element and the holy element itself are two opposite things. Asta even mutters that the power feels beyond the category of humans and demons.

Even crazier, Lucius can share this power with other humans through his own magic intermediary.

3. Lucius is revealed to have mastered soul magic

As we know, members of the Zofree family are known for two magics, namely his own magic and the magic of the demons he contracted.

In the case of Lucius, he is known to have contracted with the demon Astaroth. Therefore, he has the magic of soul and time.

Lucius’ own soul magic has a terrible effect, which is to manipulate the soul of the target it touches.

You could say the way Lucius works is really similar to Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration curse technique from Jujutsu Kaisen.

4. Lily is turned into a demon and turns against Asta

Even though Lucius’ soul magic is known to be very strong, he cannot manipulate Asta’s soul which is basically imbued with Anti-Magic.

Lucius himself admits that Anti-Magic really poses a threat to him.

Therefore, he chose another target: Sister Lily.

He turns Sister Lily into the same person as Lucius: a demon with holy powers. Not only his body, his mind has also changed so Lily doesn’t hesitate to tell Asta to tell him to die.

This is a crushing blow to Asta’s mentality.

5. Asta lost his fight against Lucius

Asta is shocked to hear the words of Lily who became a devil. He couldn’t even move at all.

Lucius also takes advantage of the moment by giving a deadly slash to Asta’s chest.

And the fight ends with Asta’s defeat, this time suffering both physical and mental damage.

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