Best Movies Recommendations Fun to Watch on Streaming

Whether you’re an essential worker who needs to unwind or you’ve been inside too much and need a pick-me-up, a feel-good movie can bring much-needed comfort. Some will make you shed a tear, others will keep you laughing from start to finish, but all should leave you feeling a little bit lighter.

We have the best movies recommendations that can be fun, feel driven to your satisfaction such as the DC comics world blockbusters “The Suicide Squad” the terror films “Malignant”, “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” and “Don’t Breathe 2” which you can watch on streaming services which is available.

This list has five picks each from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and HBO Max that will help you escape the world for a little while.

Some will make you shed a tear, others will keep you laughing from start to finish, but all should leave you feeling a little bit lighter.

The 4 Best Movies of 2021 Available on Streaming Services

  • The Suicide Squad (2021)

The Suicide Squad is a 2021 American superhero film based on DC Comics featuring the team Suicide Squad. Produced by DC Films, Atlas Entertainment, and The Safran Company, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is a standalone sequel to Suicide Squad (2016) and the tenth film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). It was written and directed by James Gunn and stars an ensemble cast including Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Sylvester Stallone, Viola Davis, David Dastmalchian, Daniela Melchior, Michael Rooker, Jai Courtney, Peter Capaldi, Alice Braga, and Pete Davidson.

The Suicide Squad streaming the third-most-streamed film on HBO Max. Peacemaker, a spin-off television series starring Cena.

  • Malignant (2021)

Malignant is an upcoming American horror thriller film directed by James Wan from a screenplay by Akela Cooper based on an original story by Wan, Ingrid Bisu, and Cooper. It stars Annabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young, and Michole Briana White.

In the film, Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.

Malignant Streaming – movies available across all streaming services.

  • The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a 2017 American action comedy film directed by Patrick Hughes and starring Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, and Salma Hayek. The film follows a bodyguard (Reynolds) who must protect a convicted hitman (Jackson), who’s on his way to testify at the International Criminal Court.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Streaming – movies available across all streaming services.

Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) lives a luxurious life as a successful UK-based private bodyguard, until his client Takashi Kurosawa is assassinated on his watch. Two years later, the fallen from grace Bryce survives by protecting drug-addicted corporate executives in London.

Meanwhile, Vladislav Dukhovich (Oldman), the vicious dictator of Belarus, is on trial for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. Unable to secure solid evidence or testimony against Dukhovich, the prosecution’s last hope is incarcerated hitman Darius Kincaid (Jackson), who agrees to testify against Dukhovich in exchange for the release of his wife Sonia (Hayek) from prison. Led by Interpol Agent Roussel (Yung), an armed convoy escorts Kincaid from the UK to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

  • Don’t Breathe 2 (2021)

Don’t Breathe 2 is a 2021 American horror thriller film directed by Rodo Sayagues in his directorial debut, from a screenplay he co-wrote with Fede Álvarez, the director of the first film, 2016’s Don’t Breathe. The sequel is produced by Álvarez, Sam Raimi, and Robert Tapert, and stars Stephen Lang, reprising his role as Norman Nordstrom / “The Blind Man”, with Brendan Sexton III and Madelyn Grace in supporting roles.

Don’t Breathe 2 Streaming – movies available across all streaming services.

Eight years after the events of the first film, blind Navy Seal veteran Norman Nordstrom lives with 11-year-old Phoenix and his Rottweiler, Shadow, in a Detroit suburb. Norman tells Phoenix that her birth mother died in a fire in their old house.

Hernandez, Norman’s only connection with society, convinces Norman to let Phoenix accompany her on an errand in town to have some time out of the house. A gangster attempts to abduct Phoenix but is scared away by Shadow. The gang follows Hernandez’s van back to Norman’s where they wait for Hernandez to drop Phoenix off, then kill her when she leaves. They lure Shadow away and kill him. When Norman goes outside to look for Shadow the gang breaks in to kidnap Phoenix. A struggle ensues between Norman and the gang, when the gang leader, Raylan, tells Phoenix that he is her real father, confirming it by showing they both have a streak of white hair.