Best Movies Coming to Netflix in October (2021)

You feel that? There’s a sudden coolness in the air, and the smell of freshly fallen leaves out your window. If you listen closely, you can even hear the delight of passerbys as they realize everything suddenly tastes like pumpkins. Yep, spooky season is almost here, and that goes for Netflix too.

Ironically, the most popular streaming service in the world has chosen to play a bit of a trick on those users wanting a lot of new horror content. While the streamer is providing new original horror films and television programming from its in-house productions, most of the films Netflix is adding for the month of October are not scary at all. Nonetheless, many of them are still a treat. So here are the best movies to expect on Netflix in October….

This weekend is the Roys’ time to shine. After two years away, HBO’s Succession is finally returning for another season of deliciously vicious insults and corporate backstabbing, and it’s still got the secret sauce (read our Season 3 review). If you set aside your whole weekend for this premiere only to remember it’s not back until Sunday, you’re in luck: There are plenty of new releases on Friday that should keep you busy until that Succession theme song kicks in, from Season 3 of Netflix’s You to a great new Todd Haynes documentary on The Velvet Underground.

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The Best Horror Movies On Netflix For Halloween

Halloween is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to stream a horror movie or two. Here are the best scary films streaming on Netflix this October.

These are the best horror movies streaming on Netflix during this Halloween season. With the spooky holiday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to put together a marathon of scary films and spend a few hours getting terrified in front of the TV screen. And Netflix’s catalog of creepy movies is big enough to ensure that any horror lover will have plenty to binge this October.

The streaming giant is certainly no stranger to the horror genre. From including decades’ worth of classics to producing and distributing their own original films, Netflix boasts a massive collection of scary movies that range from monster and slasher stories to haunting and supernatural thrillers. There’s more than enough to satisfy a userbase looking for scares and thrills.

With such a huge range of movies to choose from, it can be difficult to dig through every offering and find the very best that Netflix has to offer. Thankfully, there are plenty of genuinely solid films currently available for horror aficionados to sink their teeth into, including both cherished classics and more recent productions. Here are the eight best horror movies that can be streamed on Netflix for Halloween 2021.

besides that there are other exciting movies to watch this weekend without having to leave the house, you can watch it at home by sitting on the sofa.
this is the series of films :

Bébi úr: Családi ügy teljes film

Free Guy 2021 teljes film

Mancs őrjárat: A film teljes film

LUCA teljes film

have a nice weekend there by watching a lot of movies.

Jaws (1975)

A genuine classic in every sense of the word, the original Jaws movie has been terrifying audiences since 1975. Even after 46 years, the horrific story of a killer shark set loose on a small island community has lost none of its intensity or shock value. Directed by a young Steven Spielberg and credited with creating the institution of the summer blockbuster, Jaws combines elements of drama, adventure, and horror together to create a truly memorable motion picture. The film’s three sequels are also currently streaming on Netflix, but pack much less of a frightening punch than the masterful original.