Best Anime Movies on Netflix (2021)

With streaming services like Netflix filling our homes with endless amounts of content on a weekly basis, it can sometimes be a chore to even find what you want to watch at any given moment. So when you’re in the mood to move away from the “real world” and immerse yourself in a film filled with imaginative, visual splendor, where can you turn? What can you do? What possible options do you have?

Well, never fear because we’ve got you covered on all the best animated feature films that are waiting for you on Netflix! From family favorites and adult masterpieces to television adaptations and original stories crafted for the silver screen, the world of feature animation is rich and varied. And compiled for your viewing pleasure, here are the best of the best for your perusal on Netflix at this very moment!

Updated on October 6, 2021: Because Netflix is constantly updating their expansive catalog, we’ll be refreshing this list each month with new animated flicks for your enjoyment. So whether you’re looking for a cartoon that’s for the whole family or a film that’s a little more grown-up, we’ll keep things current each month with new selections.

Best Anime Movies on Netflix Right Now from the classic film Csapdában teljes film to the latest Netflix original titles

The gigantic video streaming service Netflix is one of the best ways to enjoy watching anime. There are a variety of TV anime series and anime movies that are popular among both Japanese and foreigners. However, you may wander which anime you should watch on Netflix.

Today, I’d like to introduce the 20 best anime movies on Netflix, following the 20 best anime on Netflix. This best anime movie list only includes the one-shot anime films, so that you can complete the story within 1-2 hours. Of course, you can see the latest Netflix original anime movie on this list. These greatest anime movies are recommended to both anime beginners and lovers.

From big-theater experiences to fun family films you can stream at home right away.

Family movie Toxikoma teljes film magyarul night is still on! While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the opening, closing and attending of movie theaters, it hasn’t stopped the production of some excellent-looking family film Toxikoma teljes film magyarul. In fact, the schedule for the year is set to be stocked with fairy tales, new animated movies, robot adventures, musicals and, of course, the ever-popular sequels and remakes. We took a look at the calendar and compiled a list of the best kid’s movies of 2021.

Pandemic realities still are what they are, so there’s a good chance that these release dates may shift as they get closer and movie shang-chi és a tíz gyűrű legendája teljes film studios see what the cinema situation is across the country. Some of these might wind up getting pushed to later in the year, or go straight to video-on-demand. (VOD is an excellent way to catch up on the best kids’ movies of 2020, by the way.) But for now, you can pencil these into your calendar. Or, if you’re looking for more inspiration for at-home family movie nights, you can also check out the best kids’ movies of all time, the best kids’ movies Miután elbuktunk teljes film magyarul on Netflix or the best animated films. Now, who wants popcorn?


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
spongebob squarepants sponge on the run
Release Date: March 5, 2021

Gary, SpongeBob’s beloved pet, is missing! To get him back, SpongeBob and Patrick follow a series of clues that lead them on an adventure to the city of Atlantis. The movie premiered on the Paramount+ streaming network at premium VOD on the same day it was released in theaters, and it’s still available to stream there.


Raya and the Last Dragon
raya and the last dragon is a best kids’ movie of 2021
Release Date: March 5, 2021

Disney’s first movie of the year is an animated film about Raya, an aspiring protector of a mystical Dragon Gem. When trouble strikes in her world of Kumandra, she must find the last dragon to help save humanity. Kelly Marie Tran stars as Raya, and Awkwafina is the voice of Sisu the water dragon. Raya is available on Disney+ and no longer requires a Premier Access fee.