Batgirl Composer Had An Hour And A Half Of The Films Score Completed – Mugendaily

Batgirl Composer Had An Hour And A Half Of The Films Score Completed – Mugendaily

Batgirl composer Natalie Holt reveals that by the time the DCEU film was cancelled, she had already written an hour and a half of its score. The composer for Batgirl, Natalie Holt, reveals that she had an hour and a half of the films score complete when it was canceled. Batgirl was an upcoming DC movie intended to be released exclusively on HBO Max. Leslie Grace was set to star in the titular role, with Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah directing. Holt was brought onto the film in September of 2021 to compose Batgirls score after her massive success composing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series Loki.

Though Batgirl was scheduled for a 2022 release date, Warner Bros. Discovery announced earlier this month that the film had been scrapped entirely. By the time Batgirl was cancelled, however, filming had been fully completed, and the film was in the post-production stage with a reported total budget of roughly $90 million. According to reports, Warner Bros. scrapped the film because of both a strategy shift in DCEU releases and low test screening scores. This was despite Batgirls initial screening testing the same as the upcoming DC film Black Adam, which is still receiving a full theatrical release in October. Batgirls shock cancellation sparked outrage from both fans and industry insiders, who were eager to see the character get her own feature-length film for the first time.

Holt revealed that she was well into the composing process for Batgirl when the film was canceled. Holt says she has been working on the score for a full year, and had written an hour and a half of Batgirls music. The composer expresses her immense disappointment in never being able to release the results of her hard work. I had written about an hour and a half of music. I’ve been working on it for a year. So yeah, pretty sad what’s happened to it. I was on set last Christmas, Adil and Bilall really loved Loki and that’s why I got picked to do the score for Batgirl. So it’s a shame that it’s not going to be out there in the world after all that time, like having spent a year working on it. Yeah, pretty disappointing… I don’t know. I think it’s a massive shame. It’s been a pleasure to work with the people involved, but that’s all I can say.

Holts comments highlight yet another sad loss resulting from Batgirls cancellation. The composer was brought onto the project after the Batgirl directors heard Holts Loki score, and were thoroughly impressed by her work. In July, it was announced that Holt was nominated for two Emmys for her work on Loki, including Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score), and Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. Given that Holt is also set to compose the score for Loki season 2, and penned the music for the Star Wars/Disney+ show Obi-Wan Kenobi, there is no doubt that her Batgirl score would have been an exciting and memorable one.

Revealed About Batgirls Canceled Story. Batgirl was abruptly canceled following the WB/Discovery merger, but what would the story have been for Leslie Graces DCEU debut? The DCEU’s Batgirl film made waves when it was canceled following the merger between WB and Discovery, as the film was near its planned release date and its story was complete. The film’s narrative would have centered on a new version of Barbara Gordon as she embraces the role of Batgirl in a new era for the DCEU. Starring Leslie Grace in the title role, Batgirl was a highly anticipated movie that would have introduced a popular member of the Bat Family to the DCEU and explored significant changes to the universe following a continuity shakeup.

Barbara Gordon is perhaps the most well-known and popular of them all. While not the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon quickly became a popular supporting character of Batman, debuting in the comics mere months before making her first live-action appearance in the classic Batman TV series (thanks to the creative teams of both the comics and TV series co-creating her). Barbara Gordon has been featured in numerous other Batman adaptations and eventually allowed the Batgirl title to be passed down to new heroes following her critical injury from The Joker in 1988’s The Killing Joke.

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