Hitchcockian never gets old. There’s a reason why Alfred Hitchcock’s packaging style has a name for itself. The director’s distinctive formula is indeed able to give more power, especially in terms of building tension -that’s why he’s the “master of suspense”. So don’t be surprised if until now Hitchcockian has often been the choice to speak, including the owner of a name as big as Pedro Almodovar. After the success of All About My Mother and Talk to Her, Almodovar decided to return to his speaking style and darker theme through Bad Education. Through this film, Almodovar inserts Hitchcockian elements among the complexity of the plot, which is enough to make it one of Almodovar’s most ambitious works.

Set in 1980 in Madrid, it is told that a young film director named Enrique Goded (Fele Martinez) is experiencing a deadlock on ideas for his latest project, until he gets a visit from Ignacio Rodriguez (Gael Garcia Bernal), Enrique’s old friend and first love during high school. Ignacio, who is now an actor, tries to offer his script to Enrique. The script, titled The Visit, combines elements of fiction about a transsexual named Zahara and the past story of Enrique and Ignacio. Memories of the past suddenly fill Enrique’s feelings again, making him willing to produce the script without knowing the existence of a dark secret.

7 Recommended Movies About Sex Education That You Must Watch!

Since the movie “Dua Garis Biru” is still showing in theaters, this time I would like to recommend films with the theme of Sex Education that you can watch this weekend.

This film is specifically for those of you who are 18+, HEHEHE Mimin here just wants to give advice or recommendations.

1. Jenny, Juno (2005)
This film Mortal Kombat teljes film magyarul teaches us to be responsible for what we have done and makes us careful in carrying out sex outside of marriage.

Synopsis Jenny Junno, a South Korean film directed by Kim Ho-Jun, tells of Jenny (Park Min-Ji) and Juno (Kim Hye-Seong) are two 15-year-old children, whose lives change dramatically after spending a night together. After careful consideration, the two adults decided to keep their baby.

2. Juno (2007)
This film A szakadár (The Dissident) teljes film tells us that every action has consequences and we are not necessarily ready to be responsible for these choices, such as the act of having sex outside of marriage to getting pregnant.

Synopsis Juno Tells the story of an old man named Juno who has to deal with an unscheduled pregnancy at a young age. The father of the unborn child is his classmate, Bleeker. Uniquely, they have no special kinship other than as close friends.

Thanks to a gift from Leah who is his best friend, Juno finds a husband and wife, Mark and Vanessa who long for the presence of a child. After carrying out the agreement, they agreed to adopt Juno’s child.

3. Easy A (2010)
This film Ide süss! teljes film magyarul ingyen tells us that virginity is not something that should be shared with other people, virginity is something that is private and girls are not only judged by being a virgin or not.

Synopsis Easy A tells the story of Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), an old girl who lives in Ojai, California. The story begins with Olive lying to her best friend, Rhiannon Abernathy (Aly Michalka), that she had a date deal just to avoid going camping with the Rhiannons’ strange family. At school, under rhiannon’s pressure, Olive lies again to her that she has lost her virginity to a college student. Marianne Bryant (Amanda Bynes), a member of the church organization at the school, overhears this and Olive’s lies spread throughout the school.

4. The Virginity Hit (2010)
This film shows the meaning that while we are still young, we must understand the threat of having sex only for prestige. Because in the end, only regret is accepted.

Synopsis The virginity hit tells the story of four friends who have long formed friendship bonds. The bond of friendship that has long existed is what makes them already know each other and makes them already know each other’s badness. In addition, the four friends have the same interests.

5. Trust (2011)
This film Szegénylegények teljes film clearly makes us realize that talking about sex education is not a distance between parents and children, and everything must be done openly.

6. The First Time (2012)
This film Csapdában (2020) teljes film online shows the pattern that kinship can’t just be because of the desire of lust for each other because its size is much deeper than that.

Synopsis The First Time tells the story of two teenagers, Dave (Dylan O’Brien) and Aubrey (Britt Robertson), who live ordinary lives as young adults. The story begins with Dave and Aubrey who meet on a Friday night at a party, where Dave asks Aubrey for advice on a girl he likes, Jane (Victoria Justice). But suddenly the police arrived to break up the party, so Dave and Aubrey had to leave. Arriving at Aubrey’s house, he invited Dave in. Inside, Aubrey randomly asks Dave if he’s had sex before, and Dave says no, but Aubrey refuses to answer when Dave asks her. The two end up falling asleep together in Aubrey’s room, and when they both get up in the morning, Dave escapes through Aubrey’s bedroom window.

7. 15+ IQ Krachoot (2017)
This film Külön falka teljes film magyarul is a warning to parents about free sex among school children. Children should be taught education about it and the threats it poses to them.

Synopsis IQ+ Krachoot This film begins when a group of old men consisting of Chalad, Xo, and Xobu. They are quite a bit of a prepubescent age. Little by little their thoughts are scary, even they often conspire to peek at the contents of the teacher’s skirt (the brain isn’t really right, wkwkwk).