Are Tamanu Aitutaki Could Be The Most Romantic Hotel In The South Pacific

The first thing to know is you have to arrive at Rarotonga and then catch another short flight to Aitutaki. You quickly realise you are in another world, not only because of the spectacular views from the aircraft, but also because in the very few minutes it takes you to get to the hotel you realise that what they mean by a road is really a sand track.

I found this whole environment so much more romantic that Tahiti, so much less commercialised, so much more the authentic South Pacific of my dreams. It is the colors that hit you first, the shockingly bright blues, turquoises, greens, and the white of the beaches, it is extraordinary. The huge beautiful lagoon is almost beyond description, and there was our resort sitting right next to it!!

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The rooms were large, and clean, and comfortable, but not modern. Having said that they were what I’d always imagined South Pacific to be, and I just fell in love with the place, the people, just everything. No TV or radio was another bonus, this was just bare feet paradise – my husband couldn’t spend his time on the phone to the office, or his laptop for that matter.

The food in the restaurant was good and reasonably priced, we went for a cruise around the lagoon, and I got to go to islands with wonderful names like One Foot Island where we had a superb BBQ lunch. I also discovered this is where they film Survivor, and also visited the beautiful Honeymoon Island.

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The whole vacation at Are Tamanu was just so relaxing, but to me the real highlights were the local people, so genuinely friendly, the clors, and the snorkelling right in front of our door so to speak. I definitely think we stayed in one of the most romantic hotels in the South Pacific if not the most romantic

Nine Types Of Mountain Biking

Did you know that there are nine categories that mountain biking can be split into? Each category offers the rider a different experience either as a hobby or as a sport. The different mountain bike reviews are broken down into these categories:

1. Dirt Jumping

This style of mountain biking is known for the high jumps over manmade dirt hills. While in the air, tricks are done on the bike. Six or more jumps are usually done in one run and the jumps are close together so that the biker can get a flow going with their trick riding.

2. Cross country

In this style of mountain biking, you ride your bike up and down hills. It is not the most extreme form in the mountain biking world, but most of this type of ride is in great shape due to the long rides.

3. Cyclo cross

This biking category is a cross between mountain and road biking. The riders learn how to race on and off the course, ride obstacles, and go through rivers.

4. Downhill Biking

Racing downhill the fastest is the goal of downhill mountain bikers. The name of the game is extreme and intense riding, to help give the riders maximum excitement and thrills.

5. BMX

This style of mountain biking uses 20-inch wheels. You can very commonly see this kind of bikes at skate parks or areas with dirt jumps. These BMX bikes are made for performing tricks and doing stunts because they have a shorter wheel base and smaller wheels.

6. Trials

The bicycles used in trials do not look anything like mountain bikes. They have 20 or 26-inch wheels and they have smaller, lower frames than mountain bikes. In trials, riders jump their bikes over different obstacles. This kind of biking takes a great deal of practice, focus, and balance.

7. Freeride Biking

This type of mountain biking involves finding a path down the side of the mountain where you can use all of the terrain to do tricks, stunts, etc. This is a very popular competition, because the riders can express themselves.

8. Street and Urban Biking

Manmade obstacles, ledges, and other urban areas are what this type of biking revolves around. They will do great stunts and tricks on these manmade items, too, including grinds and stalls.

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This kind of biking is done on a bicycle with only one gear and few other components. This is not to be confused with a fixed gear bicycle. The basis behind this kind of biking is simplicity. This helps the pedaling to be more efficient and the bicycle is lighter and has fewer problems mechanically.