Antiques At The Crown Set Set Have Been Stolen

The location of the set of The Crown series has been stolen. The theft took place on the set of the fifth and sixth seasons of The Crown in Mexborough, England.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, it was reported that at least 200-350 antiques and properties were stolen from the set location. The value of the stolen items reached £150,000, or around Rp. 2.9 billion (1 pound = Rp. 19,259).


“We can confirm that the antiques have been stolen and we hope they can be found and returned safely,” said a Netflix spokesperson.They said that there would be a replacement for the stolen antiques. In addition, this incident will not delay the shooting process.

One of the items stolen was a Fabergé egg used for the 1897 Royal Coronation. In addition, there were 12 sets of silver and gold candles, a watch face from William IV’s grandfather clock, a set of silver dressers, to crystal glasses and gold-plated bottles.

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Decorator for The Crown, Alison Harvey, said items stolen were not necessarily in good condition. “However, they are valuable because they are part of the British film industry,” Harvey told the Antiques Trade Gazette.

The story of The Crown series itself is centered on the British Empire, especially Queen Elizabeth II as its leader. In the first and second seasons, Queen Elizabeth II is told that she is still young, so she is played by Foy.


In the third and fourth seasons, Queen Elizabeth II is older than the previous season and is in the middle age category and is played by Olivia Colman.

In the third season, the character of Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, was introduced. Then in the fourth season, Diana, played by Emma Corin, appeared.

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Meanwhile, the fifth season, will be set in the late ’80s and ’90s decades until the tragic accident that took Diana’s life in France in 1997. The fifth season of The Crown series will air in November.

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