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After a few weeks ago It makes us terrified with a horror film that conveys the legend as a short, narrow alley that can’t shake our fears much. This time it’s the turn of the Thai-Singapore co-produced movie “The Antique Shop” , which combines the horrors into 3 small stories in one film. along with production work and international team because using the main lead actors from 4 nations ever

Antique Shop The Antique Shop is a haunting portrayal of the things that are often hidden in the antique shop. Andy, a young Singaporean, stopped by the shop before returning to the country. And the mysterious woman of the shopkeeper invited him to talk to the stories that were contained in the items of each wish he had chosen. The film is divided into three main parts that are not connected to each other. but arranging them into the same movie So we’re going to delve into each short review in detail as follows…

Story 1 The Chair of Death (Survive) tells the story of Wadi, an Indonesian man who gave up his wife and children to Thailand just to earn a living and send them home. His employer is one of the mafia gangs of illegal businesses. One day he was captured by a rival mafia gang in a wasteland. He was tied to a chair. How will he escape from the mafia and surrounding spirits?

An overview of the first short story that serves as the opening act of the film. It is considered to be done well enough. The performance of “Rio Divanto”, a young Indonesian actor. communicate well It’s a very small act. Although the short film’s screentime is quite limited. Many of the film elements that could have been deeper were unfortunately weak points. Become a part that still lacks a bit of weight in the content The good point of the movie is still quite flat. and almost unable to find the peak of the story Overall, it’s an okay short story.

Next comes the 2nd story, Bracelets of Love (Half Second) , which tells the story of Ryan, a Singaporean who falls in love with a Thai woman. And he gave a love bracelet to his girlfriend. But the bracelet leads him to an accident and puts himself in a prison cell at a police station, where he meets an evil bodyless spirit.

This part has quite a bit of Thainess in it without cause and effect. It turned out to be a short film with almost nothing memorable at all. It’s a connection to the story that doesn’t feel in the slightest, even though the performance of “Aroytius Pang” is satisfactory. It was his last impressive acting role before his death. But unfortunately the movie was made out lightly. There is not enough essence and weight to hold the audience. Especially Thai ghost movie fans who have experienced a lot more serious than this.

and the third story, Knife of Revenge (Happy Birthday) Song, a South Korean man who had traveled to study in Thailand and was bullied by a Thai friend The bully at that time was turned into a grudge after Song returned to Korea. Then one day, three Thai friends suddenly received an invitation from Song to come to a birthday party at home. by the birthday party Song had cooked this meal for the three of them to taste. But the cooking knife turned out to be a vengeance weapon.

Ending with a feeling that still weighs the same, should I like it or should I hate it in this part of the movie? Incidentally, with the script’s composition, it’s so unsophisticated, there’s an attempt to inject plot twists and psychology into it. But still can’t nourish the story to the point it should be. This makes the movie look a bit mediocre, and the horror ingredients it adds are almost nothing new at all.

However, the highlight of this part of the movie must be given to the team of 4 young actors, including one mysterious girl, especially “Bae Jinyoung” and “Meen Peerawit” who consider them to breathe fire- unstoppable release Young Jinyoung’s expressions of body language are creepy. Dig the science of Korean ghost movies 101 to put them in this story satisfactorily. As Young Min unleashes his full energy in a role that he should never have played before. And it is considered doing well. Unfortunately, the other elements of the movie weren’t able to support and elevate this part as it should. Therefore, it becomes just a repetitive rhythm haunting movie that audiences should have seen from other stories before.

And when all three parts were merged into one story in the antique shop, The Antique Shop, it turned out to be that overall. Instead, the movie has a theatrical science that is put into it without realizing it. Like a movie watching a show on a stage that alternates moving around. Tell each part to the end of the next part. with the central story element as a connecting part and was a little disappointed as well The connecting element of the leather Made it out is not very reliable. It’s like acting as the host of a show that has almost no origin at all.

And that’s what makes the role of a young Singaporean star like “Shu Bing” almost nothing. It may also be because of the performance of “Lukwa Pijika” who comes as a mother to tell various stories in this movie as well. That makes the movie more addicted to being a Theater than being a Cinema with rhythm and inner in conveying her script. Which is considered to be done well according to the standard But when it came on the big screen it became a bit of a staged drama.

Well, overall, The Antique Shop is the perfect bad horror movie. But it wasn’t bad at all. The movie tells a simple story with a simple problem that has a certain level of horror. But not as terrible as the tactic of Thai ghost movies in general. The production of the film is considered satisfactory. Especially the production design, visual angles and various scene elements can be seen in good resolution.

Although I still want to criticize a little more about the movie Regarding the tone of the picture, it’s a bit murky. There are many scenes in the movie that make it dark. It’s so dark that you can hardly see the details that you want to convey in the movie. It is a sporadic flaw that appears in this story. But it was another voice that confirmed that This Thai-Singapore ghost film is considered satisfactory. And it’s featured in every part and every part of this story.

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