Animated Movies From Time To Time

Animation is simply an illustration or image that is printed frame by frame. Each frame has a different image (almost the same) from each other so that if it is projected (moving quickly) it creates the illusion of image movement. The development of animation techniques from time to time is so rapid. Since the beginning of the first time the animation makers directly draw on the film frame until now have used digital technology. From two-dimensional (2-D) animation, to stop-motion animation, it is now developing into digital three-dimensional animation (CGI). The boundaries of animated films are also getting “blurred” because animation techniques are now commonly used as visual effects for non-animated films, as we often see in science fiction and fantasy films.

Animation is also often referred to as a genre attribute. Animation is not a genre but rather a technique. Animated films have a wide range of story areas and genres, such as drama, science-fiction, war, fantasy, horror, musical, to historical epics. Although it can be enjoyed by all people, animated films are also identical as children’s entertainment films because in reality most of the films produced are intended for children. In some cases such as in Japan for example, animated films are also produced for the adult audience segment.

Currently, animated films can not only be enjoyed by children, but also adults. A more universal series of stories wrapped in messages of life makes animated films able to entertain all ages. Recently, the quality of films produced by various animation studios has also increased. The proof, there are several animated films Halálosabb iramban 9 teljes film ingyen that were nominated as the best film in the Academy Awards. Wow.

The presence of the animated film “Beauty and The Beast”, which was released in 1992, changed the view of many people about animated films. How not, the animated film produced by Walt Disney has the potential to win the best film award, something that observers never imagined before. The success of the film, which tells the story of beauty and the beast, prompted the birth of an award for best animated film A feleségem története teljes film, which was first given at the 74th Academy Awards in 2002.

The first animated film to win an oscar (as it is known for the Academy Awards) was Shrek, which was produced by animation studio Dreamworks. Since then, there have been many animated film The Addams Family 2 teljes film that have been thrown into the market with quality (in terms of appearance and story) which is increasing over time. New animation studios began to appear, adding to the variety of genres and stories produced.

For those of you who like animated films, you can’t wait to find out which films have won prestigious Academy Awards. The following is a list of the best animated films for the Academy Awards 2010-2016:

Best Animated Film of 2010
The winner of the Oscar for the best animated film category in 2010 was the film Külön falka teljes film magyarul “Up” produced by the animation studio Pixar. This victory makes Pixar, which was bought by Disney in 2006, becomes the animation studio with the most Oscars, which is a total of 5 Oscars. The film “Up” alone managed to gross more than 700 million dollars worldwide. The film was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Sound Editing.

In addition to receiving an Oscar, “Up” also won an Annie Award in the category of best feature film, a Golden Globe, and a slew of critics’ choice awards. The film “Up” was not the only quality animated film in 2010. Even though it did not get the best animated film award, the four animated films that were nominated were no less good. The following is a complete list of winners and nominees for the best animated film Bébi úr: Családi ügy teljes film version of the 2010 Academy Awards:

1. Up (winner)
Studio : Pixar

Director : Pete Docter and Bob Peterson


Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old old man, travels to Paradise Falls and his home with lots of balloons as vehicles. Unexpectedly, besides Carl, it turns out that there are other people on the trip.

2. Coraline (Nominated)
Studio : Focus Features, Laika Entertainment

Director: Henry Selick


An adventurous girl discovers a different world in her home, which turns out to be an idealized version of her home, but has a sinister secret.

3. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Nominated)
Studio : Blue Sky Studios

Director: Wes Anderson


Mr. Fox, a converted fox, wants to do his wild thing once again, which is to steal from the farmers. His actions caused problems, he also had to defend his people from the retaliation of the peasants.

4. The Princess and The Frog (Nominated)
Studio : Walt Disney Pictures

Director: John Musker, Ron Clements


This film is a modern version of the classic story of the princess and the frog prince. Tiana, a restaurant waitress, who wants to fulfill her dream of owning her own restaurant, tries to turn the frog prince back into a human by kissing him. Unfortunately, instead of succeeding, Tiana actually became a frog. Begin their adventure to be free from the curse.