Ana De Armas Agent Stays With The CIA In The Gray Man

Dani’s allegiance has seemingly flipped by the end of The Gray Man’s corrupt manhunt, with her decision to remain a CIA agent setting up the sequel. Dani Miranda is disillusioned with the CIA’s leaders in The Gray Man’s ending, Ana de Armas’ character has a good reason for staying with the agency. Throughout The Gray Man, Ana de Armas’ Agent Miranda is the only CIA employee depicted who hasn’t been corrupted. Despite her bosses and colleagues placing a hit on Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling), Agent Miranda continues to have the assassin’s back as he flees a mission with a drive containing dark secrets about CIA director Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page).

The Gray Man’s ending sees Six apprehended by Agent Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick) as Dani is escorted out by her colleagues. One of the final scenes shows Agents Miranda, Carmichael, and Brewer being reprimanded by their bosses, though all are exonerated of wrongdoing on the mission to capture Six. However, as they leave the room, Miranda warns Carmichael that if any harm comes to Claire Fitzroy (Julia Butters), she’ll expose their secrets, as she’s choosing to remain in the CIA.

Netflix’s The Gray Man’s ending closes out a few plot threads while leaving other hanging. We dive into the ending and potential sequel plans. The Gray Man ending explained. After announcing The Gray Man would be adapted into a film back in 2011, development halted for a while until it was picked up by directors Anthony and Joe Russo and Netflix, turning it into the most expensive film the streaming service has made to date. Based on the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas, among several others.

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The ending of The Gray Man sees the CIA’s top brass exonerate Denny Carmichael, Suzanne Brewer, and Dani Miranda after Suzanne comes up with the idea to place all of the blame on the now-deceased Lloyd Hansen. After all, he was already a wild card and it would be easy for the others at the CIA to believe that Lloyd took things way too far in his hunt for Sierra Six. However, Suzanne’s plan tips the scales in her favor. Jessica Henwick’s character was overlooked a lot throughout the film, but she is now at the same level of power as Carmichael, having killed Lloyd and destroyed the flash drive with incriminating information. Meanwhile, Sierra Six escapes from the hospital after being healed to go rescue Claire, who was being kept in a well-guarded facility as leverage. They drive off and everything is seemingly cleared up — for now. The Gray Man has a rather explosive ending and there are plenty of unresolved plot threads that seem to be setting up a sequel. The Russos certainly wanted the action thriller to be a franchise starter and there is a lot more that can be explored. Here is The Gray Man’s ending explained, including who really is behind the rise of Carmichael and Suzanne in the CIA.

The Gray Man’s Dani now knows first-hand how corrupt the higher-ups are in the CIA, it was surprising that she chose to stay with them at the end of the movie. On the other hand, Dani had agreed to remain with the agency when she felt that she could keep an eye on them to make sure that Claire was safe while being held in Virginia. It seems that this was the only reason why she stayed with the CIA, as Dani knew that if she left and exposed Carmichael’s secrets, Claire’s safety would be compromised. However, this was before Claire and Six had escaped activity in the movie’s final moments, suggesting Ana de Armas’ character doesn’t have much reason to guard the CIA’s secrets in The Gray Man’s sequel. The Gray Man’s ending, Dani Miranda will play a major role in taking down the corrupt CIA agents in the sequel. Since she no longer has to keep quiet so that Brewer doesn’t harm Claire, Dani can come forward with the information she has on Denny Carmichael’s shady deals that were seemingly sanctioned by his unseen CIA boss, the “Old Man.” Now that Suzanne is gaining more influence in the CIA over Denny, Dani staying with the CIA sets up the two characters to have a significant feud in The Gray Man 2. Although Carmichael destroyed the drive with evidence of his crimes, Ana de Armas’ The Gray Man character can still expose all of the illegal methods he used to bait Six and hold Claire hostage.

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