Alec Baldwin movie medic reveals new details of shooting aftermath and desperate effort

Cherlyn Schaefer didn’t know filming had resumed following a lunch break when she heard the gunshot go off, according to an incident report reviewed.

THE medic who first rushed to the scene of Alec Baldwin’s deadly shooting on the Rust film set last week described chilling details of the aftermath – and how she desperately tried to save victim Halyna Hutchins.

After hearing a shot ring out, Schaefer reportedly asked,  Are we rehearsing? Because ‘fire in the hole’ was not called.

She then ran to the site where Halyna and director Joel Souza were shot, responding to crew calling for help with a  medic emergency , her report says.

After crew called 911, Schaefer directed the on-site emergency team, who applied pressure to the wound, administered oxygen and kept track of Halyna’s vitals as they waited for EMTs to arrive.

Cameraman Russel Reid and Souza, who was shot in the shoulder, have described to investigators Halyna’s haunting final moments.

In the run-up to Halyna being shot, Baldwin was practicing a cross-draw move in a mock church at the Bonanza Creek Ranch when he pointed his weapon at the camera.

Souza said suddenly there was a  loud pop  and he realized both he and Halyna were wounded.

On Schaefer’s detailed incident report, she described the cause of the incident, writing  something was shot from a prop gun.”

In Santa Fe detective Joel Cano’s police report he said Reid told cops he saw Halyna clutching her stomach and realized they were both bleeding.

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Reid said after the firearm discharged, he remembered Joel having blood on his person, and Halyna speaking and saying she couldn’t feel her legs,” Santa Fe detective Joel Cano wrote in his police report.

Reid revealed the gun went off after Baldwin took it out of its holster and the shooting was not caught on film.

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Sergey Svetnoy, the chief electrician or  gaffer  on the New Mexico set, took to Facebook on Sunday to open up about Halyna’s tragic death.

I was holding her in my arms while she was dying. No time to die 2021,  Sergey wrote.

Though Halyna was airlifted to UNM Hospital, medical teams were unable to save her life and she was pronounced dead.

The medic’s account comes after it emerged Kijk rons gone wrong online NL, the assistant director who allegedly handed Alec Baldwin the gun, was fired from a 2019 film over another firearm mishap that left a crew member injured.

I can confirm that The last duel 2021 in NL was fired from the set of Freedom’s Path in 2019 after a crew member incurred a minor and temporary injury when a gun was unexpectedly discharged,  a producer from the film told No hay camino 2021 online on Monday.

The producer went on to disclose Halls was removed from the set after the gun discharged, and that production was paused until he was off the film site.