Adam Sandler is One Of The Most Respected Comedians

When you say Adam Sandler, we say – one of the funniest actors in Hollywood. Adam Sandler is one of the most respected comedians and while he might not boast of a series of intense or serious roles, he definitely has his own shares of comic characters whom nobody but him could’ve portrayed with such ease and clarity! note: Spencer Movie

Sandler’s verbal and physical comedy, coupled with his own charisma has always been a hit among his fans. The man can literally make anybody laugh from the time he enters the screen, and the characters that he portrays have always been hilarious to watch. note: The Route of the Ground Fan Movie

On the occasion of Sandler’s 55th birthday, we take a look at his most cherished movies, which are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Take a look:


Big Daddy (1999)

Adam Sandler’s Sonny Koufax doesn’t know what responsibilities mean, as he has avoided them all his life. However, enter a girlfriend who dumps Koufax for an older and more responsible man! To show that he too can be responsible, smart, and ‘old’, Sandler’s character adopts a 5-year-old kid named Julian (Dylan & Cole Sprouse), to impress the girlfriend. As fate has it, the girlfriend doesn’t show any signs of being impressed and Sonny can’t return the child!

Sandler’s dialogues and actions in the movie are commendable. He goes from being a complete snooze when it comes to responsibilities, to adopting a kid, and his character growth is remarkable.


I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

One of Sandler’s most hilarious movies, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry would always be the go-to watch for anyone who wants to be amused. Chuck Levin (Adam Sandler) and Larry Valentine (Kevin James) are firefighters and best buddies! However, due to an official requirement, Larry asks Chuck to sign on one of his documents as his domestic partner. The best pals pretend to be a gay couple, but things take a rather negative turn when an agent decides to verify their actual identities.

Sandler and James’ comic timings, and top-notch dialogues have definitely made the movie one of their bests of all time.


Grownups (2010)

Grownups has to be one of the most talked-about movies of Sandler. Five people, one has three daughters whom he hardly meets, second is a househusband not on the best terms with their wife, third is unemployed, fourth and fifth are a successful Hollywood agent and a fashion designer, who once would play basketball together in school. As their former coach has died, the five of them have reunited at his funeral, and the rest is history.

These lifelong friends realize that gone are the days when they were young, and start looking at life in a different way, while relishing each moment that comes their way.


That’s My Boy (2012)

A story where Adam Sandler is Andy Samberg’s father (yes!), That’s My Boy teaches about bad parenting and how grownups are nowhere near being perfect. After years of being a messy parent to Samberg’s Todd, Sandler’s Donny realizes that he needs to reconnect with his kid. That’s when the entire plot changes. Hilarious scenes, witty dialogues, and the two hunks – Adam and Andy, all this movie needs is a bucket of popcorn and some friends to watch it with.


Blended (2014)

Widowed dad Jim (Adam Sandler) goes out on a blind date with divorced mum Lauren (Drew Barrymore), but things go haywire! However, with a twist in the plot, the two of them meet again, only this time, with their kids by their sides, and in the rest of the movie, the family of four have fun group activities that make Sandler and Barrymore’s characters eventually fall in love with each other. A perfect weekend watch, Blended makes you feel mushy and too jovial.